Cover Reveal: Claws and Contrivances by Stephanie Burgis

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Hey guys! I’m doing a cover reveal for our finalist author, Stephanie Burgis!!

Her book, Scales and Sensibility, a regency romcom with dragons, made its way into the finals this year as one of the more charming books I’ve read in a while.

Kristen’s review:

So, I do enjoy a good regency romance, and so this book was all the way up my alley. It follows Elinor Tregarth, who is living with her aunt, uncle, and spoiled cousin after the death of her parents. Elinor’s cousin, Penelope is a spoiled girl who is about to have her debut, and having a dragon of one’s own as a pet is the most fashionable thing, only Penelope doesn’t treat her dragon Sir Jessamyn very well. Or Elinor, for that matter. So, it’s entirely an accident when Elinor storms out of the house with Sir Jessamyn in tow. Shenanigans ensue after that.
I read this book in one sitting. I enjoyed it so much. Elinor is a fantastic character, who I cheered for from the very beginning. It may partially be that Penelope is written to just be the most irritating brat, but I wanted absolutely everything good for Elinor just for having to live with the girl. The romance was cute, the dragon-magic plotline was cute. All together I thought this was cute. So, I give Scales and Sensibility an 8.5/10 stars, and declare it my second semifinalist!

So, who could resist going on to book two after loving it so much? I’m super stoked to say that Claws and Contrivances is book two in this series and I expect to devour it.

Claws and Contrivances Blurb:

Passionate, idealistic Rose Tregarth may have been invited into her uncle’s remote home in the heart of Wales as an act of kindness to a poor relation, but it doesn’t take her long to realize that her newly-met family members are adorable, creative, deeply lovable – and  in need of all the help they can get. If the crumbling medieval walls of Gogodd Abbey aren’t to collapse around their heads at any moment, someone will have to step up and take charge of the situation. Fortunately for all of them, Rose has never lacked in determination.

Add in more and more mysteriously appearing little dragons, not to mention a truly threatening new neighbor who proves that the Gothic villains of her aunt’s fabulous romances aren’t nearly as appealing in real life, and Rose is soon up to her ears in plots and schemes to save all the people and mythical beasts she’s come to love…with the help of a sweet, baffled dragon scholar whom Rose swiftly sweeps into a fake betrothal.

The preorder link and more info below the cover!!

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From the author, “The official preorder date is November 1, 2023, but I am very much hoping to publish it earlier if I can – so everyone who preorders may be pleasantly surprised by getting their copies **much** earlier in the year than expected!”