SPFBO 8 Finalist Announcement

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Hey guys! So if you followed us last year you’ll know we had a dead heat tie when we were trying to decide who to put forward. We had two of the exact same scores for two books, both had an 8.25 and an 8.5. There wasn’t even a high or low score to go off of to break the tie. We hemmed and hawwed, and hawwed and hemmed, and eventually chose We Men of Ash and Shadow.

Oh look. We did it AGAIN this year.

We have a dead heat tie. The scores are the same. I gave an 8.25 to both finalists, and Kristen gave an 8.5 to both finalists. There’s no high or low to go off of to eliminate one. After much deliberation it’s Scales and Sensibility moving forward!


It’s got dragons, it’s got comedy, and it’s goin’ to the finals! Congratulations to Stephanie for advancing to the next round!

Major condolences to Azalea Forrest. I really encourage people to try this out. It’s different. It’s weird. It’s got a bi plant man who’s an utter disaster and I’ve seen it tagged “idiots to lovers” which is my new favorite romance classification.