Esmes Indie Highlights/SPFBO: Cursefell by C. V. Dreesman

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This was a YA urban fantasy with an old gods/myths twist. It was really short, goodreads says it was like 117 pages so I flew through it in one sitting.


The book starts with a girl who’s been flung into the ocean on a mishap on a school trip. Our protagonist is in high school and fell off a boat into the ocean. While she was struggling to stay afloat she thinks she sees a shark, but wasn’t sure what it was, maybe it was something else.

She has a near death experience where she meets her father in a dream, her father was killed and tells her that they are meeting at a halfway point, and that there’s more to life than she thinks.

She meets a few characters that are real life mythical creatures and they tell her that she’s one of them, and that she’ll be going through a change.

Final Score: 6/10


This story was really short so there was only one main character, Thera, she’s a teenage girl and has pretty typical teenage girl thoughts and priorities at first. She’s in school going to biology class and dealing with typical high school problems. She’s got a group of friends around her that she trusts and likes, so there wasn’t too much drama going on there which is great, I don’t tend to like that kind of thing.

There was a romance, and her romance is a character that knows all about the the myths that are real and he’s sort of a gateway for her into this new world she didn’t know existed.

She has to deal with learning she’s a descendant of a mythical god like creature and figure out how she’s going to live her life with this new found background.

Final Score: 5/10

World Building:

This is a modern urban world that has mermaids, medusas, gorgons, and sirens.

The Gods are also real, Athena and Perseus have real impacts on how the world works and is shaped.

There are two types of magical beings, those that are natural like mermaids, and those that are cursed creations like sirens.

Descendants of gorgons and medusa have their ancestors constantly in their thoughts and motivations, it’s considered a curse. If those descendants can find a way to break the curse they will be free to live their lives as mortals. Many of them would rather be free and mortal and cursed to do others bidding.

Final Score: 6/10


This was a YA book so the writing and pacing was straight forward and quick, I think I finished this in just over an hour. The writing was obviously clean, no cursing and I think it would be suitable for most high school age kids.

Pacing Final Score: 8/10

Writing Final Score: 8/10


This was my only book I’ve ever read about mermaids, and the world building was pretty unique.

Final Score: 8/10


  • People who like short stories, 117 pages
  • People who like mermaids and other mythical creatures
  • People who like coming of age stories
  • People who like urban fantasy
  • People who like single pov
  • People looking for female POVs

Final Score: 41/60 or 6.83/10


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