Esmes Indie Highlights: Age of Mages by Ilana Waters

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This book is part of Lynns Book’s and hasn’t gotten any feedback yet. It’s also my 40th book!!! Only 60 more to go! 10 more until I announce the first 15 books out of the 30 I’ll be doing a giveaway for at the end of all of this!


Joshua’s mother has gone missing and he needs to find out where she’s gone, he’s hunting down vampires and other people who may know where she’s gone. All he knows is that she’s been kidnapped and has been missing for years, he finds a trail when a vampire admits she was taken because she has knowledge of a special crystal, but dies before giving anymore information.

Following the only head he has, he needs to get into the Paranormal Investigation Agency to see if he can track down anymore leads to find his mother.

There’s rumors of an ancient vampire waking up underneath the ruins of Rome, where many vampires seek shelter and sleep for long periods of time undisturbed.

Final Score: 7/10


Joshua is our main character and he’s a witch who’s father is a two thousand year old Roman General Titus. His father is a very distant kind of man and doesn’t show any sort of real affection for his son. These two butt heads on basically everything, Titus wants to relive the old days of Rome at its peak, while Joshua thinks that it was full of fascism, oppression of women, persecution of different religions etc. Joshua also doesn’t like how his father womanizes when he feels he should be out looking for his missing wife, Joshuas mother.

Joshua’s voice was pretty light hearted and witty through the book, it kept things much lighter than they could have been given the vampires and cults and other darker tropes.

Final Score: 6/10

World Building:

Witch is a gender neutral term in this world, but the character says you could refer to him as a mage. Witches are immortal and have magical healing abilities, they’re also stronger than mortals but not as strong as vampires.

Rome is a city that built on top of itself, creating underground parts of the city, many vampires go to sleep and hibernate or find shelter there, and there are cults of vampires who spread rumors about ancient vampires waking up.

The High Council is the governing body of witches, and usually has businessmen and lawyers and other high ranking people in society.

The Paranormal Investigation Agency or PIA is a secretive cult, a dangerous secretive cult that will kill to keep it’s secrets private.

Final Score: 8/10


It’s written in second person with the character talking to you, asking you questions and explaining things to you like you’re there with him, it’s been a while since I read a story like that. It can be engaging if you’re into that sort of writing.

Overall the tone is pretty light because of the characters inner dialogue, it’s a pretty light hearted voice to Joshua.

This was another really short book, it’s logged on Goodreads as having 206 pages for ebook, there wasn’t anything I would have cut, everything was nicely paced.

The story sort of  wraps up, one of the plot lines is resolved but the other is left wide open, so this is def a series but if you wanted to it could be read by itself depending on your taste.

Pacing Final Score: 8/10

Writing Final Score: 8/10


I have purposefully avoided the vampire genre of fantasy, it just doesn’t appeal to me, so it’s difficult to give this an originality score. But, I was interested by the world building and characters and it felt fresh enough to me.

Final Score: 7.5/10



  • For people who like vampires
  • For people who like twists on traditional fantasy races
  • For people who like urban fantasy
  • For people who like second person writing
  • For people who like single POV
  • For people who like shorter books
  • For people who like YA

Final Score: 44.5/60 or 7.41/10


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