Favorite Places On The Web

I spend far too much time on the internet and I thought I’d share some of my favorite places to dink around.

BookWol’s Tome and Tankard


For those of you who love fantasy and mixed drinks hit this blog up, for real. Unfortunately, I’m not able to imbibe alcoholic beverages anymore but these beautiful concoctions look delicious and I’m going to be trying them out on guests for sure.


The Coffee Archives


This blog has a couple series going, in their own words,

“Reviews and Brews

These reviews will cover either the first book in a series or the full series. Either way, the will be spoiler-free. This review series won’t have numerical ratings, but it will have delicious beverage pairings.

Sips of Fantasy

These reviews will combine several short stories, most of which will be available to read for free online. This series uses the five-cup rating system, which is exactly like the five-star system, only tastier”.


Kristen Reads Too Much

I really love this blog, our tastes are so similar I can almost always rely on something she liked as something I’m going to like. She has her own section for audiobooks which is cool and Anthologies/Short Stories as well.


The Fantasy Inn 

What happens when a shitposter, a few book addicts, and a small potato start a blog together? You get the Fantasy Inn! HiuGregg, Tam, and Sam, Sharadee, and Kopratic have started an awesome blog people need to check out