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This game is FREE!!!!! If you have VR or have a friend who does let them know to download this game, it’s totally risk free and it’s AWESOME for what it is.

So, this is a game by Valve, and it has strong Portal overtones, but it’s not all about portal. There are 8 little mini games/exploration areas you can go to in the game, and I’ve become somewhat obsessed with the Archery game. It’s a little defend your castle game and you’re an archer trying to take down the enemy. They come in waves, you get points for each kill (more for headshots) and it’s just a simple, fun, and addicting little game.



When I first started playing my arm actually got a bit sore from holding it out straight for so long, after a half an hour it really starts to get tiring. After playing for a week I actually noticed it taking longer and longer for me to get tired, so you do get used to it. My first few games I ranked globally around 80,000 place, now I’m at like 7,500 place. So, maybe I’m one of the only ones that got obsessed with this game but I play it basically every day for at least a half an hour. My goal is to get into the top 1,000 then I’ll be happy.



This is my second favorite mini game, it’s Portal related! You shoot cores into piles of garbage and explosives trying to get a high score. Each of the cores is different and has a different personality and my god are they funny. I think my favorite is the Rhythm core.




This is my husbands favorite game in The Lab, it’s a space shooter except it’s all in 3d not 2d so it makes it so much harder and more fun, you’re in there dodging shit and trying to shoot down the alien ships.



So, this isn’t really a game so much as it is an ‘experience’ part of the game, you go to different parts of the world and you can see shit you wouldn’t normally be able to go and see for yourself. Honestly, it was pretty but I didn’t spend a ton of time here.

Human Medical Scan

This was kind of cool, it’s a complilation of CT scans, and you can pull apart layers of the human body. I spent a bit of time here but there’s not much replay value.

Solar System

You get to wander around the solar system, pick stuff up, admire the sun and stars and planets. I sort of wish this game was a bit more than it is. If there were facts or shots of the surface of the planets or something it would have been more exciting. I tried to throw Jupiter into the sun but it was anticlimactic, nothing happened. Oh, well.


Robot Repair

Lol, so this is another Portal related game, and it’s really more of a comic sketch that’s interactive, it has GladDos!


Secret Shop





20170901204355_1.jpgThis place was so gorgeous, I loved exploring this little cabin. It wasn’t long, but it was really really cool and well done. There are some spells you can set off, you can explore your environment, there are weird magic creatures everywhere, flasks of stuff, scrolls, swords etc.

True to form, Valve put in a number of secrets, I found a few of these but now that I’ve seen the video I think I’m going to go try out the rest – except for shooting my adorable robodog.

Overall, literally a 10/10. It’s completely free and I’ve spent hours in this game enjoying myself, and with at least half the games there is replay value for me to keep coming back to something I didn’t even have to pay for. Hell, yes.


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