Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality a Video Game Review (VR)

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It’s taken me a while to put out a VR review because I wanted to play several different games to give me a feel for what to expect before I started handing out ratings and reviewing. I’ve now played about 7 games in VR ranging from meh to AWESOME and the reviews for those should be out shortly, and I still have a few games I haven’t tried yet.

I was really excited for this game since I’m a huge Rick and Morty fan, I started watching right after the first season was finished, and man if you like adult cartoons I suggest checking that show out. I’ve done a review on the show on the blog if you were interested in checking it out.

You start out as a Morty clone in the garage with all of Ricks stuff, and you’re given a few tasks to complete to move the game along. It’s mostly problem solving with a few mini games inside.

You can move around and explore stuff you see in the cartoon, there’s lots of random humor in the stuff you find around the house.






There’s stuff like that all throughout the game and it’s fun to find for people who watch the show, apparently Beth is hiding her drinking in the back of the toilet.

Some of Ricks stuff can be used or messed around with, he has a machine that combines multiple objects into one thing, I had a lot of fun with the plumbus.



There are mini games inside the game which are kind of fun, you can go inside Ricks battery for a mini musical game, and there’s a “Roy” like game in the garage as well.

For people looking for a fun Rick and Morty adventure game, sadly I don’t think this is that, I was really hoping to go all over the galaxy and to different dimensions with Rick, but there’s only 1 of those adventures and it’s rather short. You can go back and revisit it if you want to though.

The premise is Ricks car breaks down and you have to go and help him, but he runs into trouble with the galactic government and you’re left on the planet to fend for yourself.


I think the best part of this game was the humor throughout, when you’re struggling to find the answer to a puzzle, Rick, Morty, Summer, and Mr. Poopybutthole will mock you for not figuring it out, there’s lots of hidden stuff you can find, lots of throwbacks to the show and what not.

I would not recommend this game for people who haven’t watched the show, I doubt you’d get much enjoyment from it, most of the humor is referencing the show and it won’t make sense without context.

Overall I think I’d give this a 7.5 – 8/10, I really liked it but there’s not a whole lot of replay value and it’s rather short for the price of 30 dollars.

Metacritic gives it a 75%


IGN gives it 7.5/10



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