Eye of the Albatross by Carl Safina

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My first book by Carl Safina was What Animals Think and Feel and it instantly made me fall in love with his writing style. I immediately put all his books on my amazon waiting list and Im buying them one by one.

I was worried my hopes would be too high and maybe the first book was his best and the rest would disappoint me, but YAY that didn’t happen!

This book revolved around marine conservation and his passion shone through just like his other work. He has a beautiful writing style that feels more like a novel.

He puts so much time and effort into doing proper research and publishing quality work, he’s easily in my top three non fiction authors, I think his books could be given to people who think that non fiction is dry and boring and get them to change their mind.

From birds to ocean health, this book covers a wide variety of conservation and wildlife topics which kept things interesting and faster paced.

I can’t wait to get the next book on my list, I had no interest or draw to sea birds before this, and had given the Albatross little thought before reading this book. It’s amazing how very quickly I got sucked into the plight of the Albatross.


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