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So, all I knew is this had John C McGinley (Dr. Cox) and that it was horror still on my search for a decent horror show.

This show knows it’s cheesy as fuck, it knows it hard. The monsters are ridiculously cheesy and the personality types are over the top.


Basically, a long time ago in this small town a ton of people were burned at the stake for being witches and now this town is being haunted by 170-something demons. Each episode goes through a different demon that needs to be vanquished by a slapdash crew of an ex sheriff, his daughter, and the new replacement sheriff.





John plays a disgraced and cursed ex sheriff who is essentially Dr. Cox without the same writing staff. It’s pretty clear they are trying hard with this personality and it kind of works and kind of doesn’t.

His daughter is probably the most eccentric of the cast, she’s very aloof and doesn’t seem to care much about anything outside of animals

The replacement sheriff is the most normal of the crew, and is trying hard to keep everything together. If there was going to be a “relateable” character in a show this ridiculous, it’s probably her.

The side characters are just as wacky and exaggerated as the main characters, there’s a third officer in this small town police department and he’s a classic nerd/squirrelish dude.


The acting is purposefully over the top to go with the underwhelming and hilariously bad special effects. It feels very 1980’s horror movie with all the cliches and tropes being played out. Succubus’s and all sorts of well known demon types need to be vanquished.

These actors get covered in blood and gore, the clean up for these sets must be crazy. Demons explode a lot on this show.

Overall: I dunno, it’s not horrible but it’s nothing to rave about either. It’s something silly I think people could have a lot of fun with around Halloween, maybe not so much August.


IMDB 6.9/10

Rotten Tomatoes 67%

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