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I went into this movie cold, I hadn’t watched any of the previews and I’d tried to go into it without any expectations. I didn’t not want my high regard for Deadpool, one of the first R rated comic book movies, to give me higher hopes and walk away from the movie disappointed.

Holy, shit. HOLY, SHIT. This movie absolutely blew my mind with the quality! Everything was well done.

Most of the mutants are dead, Prof X is in late stage dementia and has to be secluded to the desert of Mexico because he’s having seizures (which are deadly for people around him due to his powers becoming uncontrollable during  seizures).

Logan is one of the last people still caring for Charles, and one new mutant we’re introduced to named Caliban, who’s able to detect other mutants in the area. Together, they are trying their best to make Prof X’s last days as comfortable as it can be…. which isn’t very comfortable at all due to lack of funds and sufficient medicine to control Charles’s seizures.

We see Prof X in a totally new light and given the rated R dialogue and new writers I really enjoyed what they did. And, I’ll be honest, listening to Patrick Stewart say FUCK is one of the finer pleasures in life.

Child actors have it tough, being able to memorize lines and act convincingly at such a young age is a very difficult feat and it takes a very skilled and talented person to pull it off. More often than not, I don’t find child actors convincing although I don’t blame them for it. So, I was leary when I saw that a child was going to be a main part of the story, especially since it’s a rated R movie in a more serious type role.

SHE BLEW IT OUT OF THE PARK. She’s absolutely incredible, the actress, Dafne Keen, who plays Laura in this movie was superb. The casting directors for this movie hit the nail on the head, I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing this role. She’s just as badass as the girl who plays Lyanna Mormont in GoT, even better actually.

The tone of this movie is darker than the standard Xmen movies of the past, but true to the classic form of Xmen it had its lighter funnier moments to compliment the more serious story line.

I don’t get misty eyed at movies, unless the dog dies. I legit had a tear during this movie, I also laughed, and was on the edge of my seat.

This is one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time, being a life long Xmen and Wolverine fan, I have huge  admiration for how well this movie was pulled off. This is the Xmen movie I’ve been waiting for my whole life.

IMDB only gives this an 8.4 which is fucking criminal. I think even without my bias as an Xmen fan this movie deserves an 9. For me, with my bias I give it an 11/10, ALLOFMYYES


LIGHT plot “spoilers” I won’t give any crucial bits away, but if you haven’t seen it and are like myself and didn’t want to know much about the plot I would stop reading here.

The plot of the movie revolves around a group of kids who were being imprisoned and illegally experimented on in Mexico. They are all mutants and being forced to train as killers and being taken care of by a team of nurses. The nurses aren’t told much, but they aren’t stupid and they aren’t without hearts, so in a last ditch attempt a nurse takes Laura and runs for it, trying to find Logan who has retired from Xmen since there’s basically no one left, and is currently  a Limo driver out in the desert.

Logan wants NOTHING to do with this at first, but, true to character in the comics beneath his asshole exterior he does have heart. He eventually agrees to help Laura cross the border into Canada where they will be safe.

He takes Prof X and Laura and is constantly on the run from psychopaths who want to find Laura and the other escaped children and kill them/bring them back to be imprisoned before they can cross the border.




  1. I agree with every word you wrote Mrs Weatherwax. Though I’m curious as to what your other 9 all time favourite movies are? How many are comic/superhero related?

    1. Man, I had to think about this answer.

      In no particular order.

      1. Lord of the Rings Return of the King

      2. Galaxy Quest – yes I know, this isn’t a masterpeice of modern film, but it’s just such a comfort movie for me.

      3. Logan

      4. Saving Private Ryan

      5. The Usual Suspects

      6. American Beauty

      7. Doctor Strangelove

      8. Reservoir Dogs

      9. The Great Dictator

      10. Toy Story

      These are all movies I can watch dozens of times over and still enjoy them like I did the first time around.

      1. I think I’ve seen 4 of these (LOTR, Logan, Saving Private Ryan, and Toy Story), but based on those I’d say you have superb taste. Out of the rest The Great Dictator, The Usual Suspects, and Galaxy Quest sound very intriguing. I hope you consider some top 10 blogposts in the future 🙂

  2. I’m a big fan of Kevin Spacey, I can’t think of a movie where his performance let me down, the movies aren’t all stellar – but he always has great delivery.

    I would say try out Usual Suspects and Galaxy Quest. One is a crime drama and the other is a spoof off of Star Trek and Allen Rickman is just great. Allen Rickman was one of my favorite actors ever, along with Spacey.

    Honorable mentions would go to the Green Mile, Forest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Spirited Away, American History X and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind.

    Really, given my mood these movies all float around at the top.

    1. I can’t say I’ve seen many of Spacey’s films, but the most vivid memory I have of him is in K-PAX which I found VERY hypnotic to watch. Although I haven’t watched it in ages and don’t wish to potentially tarnish my positive memories of it.

      The same goes for Rickman oddly enough, I found him super hypnotic as Snape. Is it a requirement to have watched Star Trek to get the maximum enjoyment out of Galaxy Quest? As I’ve don’t know a single thing about it.

      And Forrest Gump is a timeless masterpiece.

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