Movie Review! Passengers starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence

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So, I went into this movie expecting a horror sci fi flick, clearly I was confusing it with something else space related. This was a sci fi adventure romance flick, I don’t think I would have watched it if I had known that, romance flicks aren’t my thing but this had enough other plot going on that I enjoyed myself.

So, humans have set out on a 100+ year journey to a new world to settle down, they are on a MASSIVE star ship that’s headed at half the speed of light. The plot line was very reminiscent of Mass Effect Andromeda with a ship carrying thousands of people heading to new worlds to colonize. So, after realizing this wasn’t a sci fi horror I stuck with it anyway.

For me, both Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are hit and miss actors, but I actually really enjoyed Jennifers performance in this, Chris Pratt was very …. Chris Pratt.

Chris wakes up 90 years early, and he’s the only one on the ship awake,  he starts going insane after being left alone with no one else around for over a year.  He does something really fucking stupid and selfish and wakes up Jennifer who’s a writer after falling in love with her via her books and audio recordings before she was put into stasis.

This movie is gorgeous, I’ll give it that, the special effects were incredible. I don’t watch many movies recently, but people are getting me into more of them since I have an over abundance of down time. I hadn’t seen a special effects heavy movie in a long time, and I was left pretty impressed. I’m also a space geek, so the types of special effects, robots, sleek ships, galaxies, stars and all that were my sort of thing – so maybe that’s why I liked it so much.

The dialogue was okay, the pacing was okay, and overall I enjoyed myself. IMDB gave this a 7.2 rating, and I would personally bump it to a 7.5 – nothing to write home about but there was nothing glaringly wrong with it either. Nice fun sci fi flick to watch with your SO on a day off.



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