SPFBO Cuts Post 4

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These are all going to be cuts from books that I finished, and therefore made it through what I call “round 1 cuts”, which are made up of books that I DNF’d. So, these all had enough of my attention to get me to follow through to the end, so I would recommend picking these up if they sound interesting. I’ll have links to the full review for each of these under the mini cut reviews.

A Game for Gods by Keith Deininger

This is a book for those who like seeing two sides of a war, grey characters, villain characters, no win situations, back stabbing and brutality on every level. There’s a musical instrument that’s played by torturing birds so they sing. This is not a book for those who want some light reading, but want something dark, complex and intriguing.

The Lords of the Summer Season by Peter Blaisdell

Holy ever loving fuck did this have a lot going on. Ghosts inhabiting motorcycles, psychedelic drugs, sex magic, The Wild Hunt chasing the MC, King Arthur and crew show up with Merlin and such — like omg. I can’t really sum this book up all that well, so if that sounds like crazy shenanigan’s and you want to know more, click the link for the full review.

The Child of Chaos by Glen Dahlgren

The people of this world are sometimes born with a Longing, it’s a compelling drive to find and stay near the Gift of a God — it means they’ve been selected from said god to be a priest of their temple and gain access to the powers granted by their Gift. Two siblings both have Longings, Maya is driven to join a temple of healing…. but the brother is being pulled in a random direction in a place no one thinks there’s a temple or a gift. Their mother disappeared one day and it’s thought that perhaps she followed a Longing that took her to a temple that’s been lost to time… or maybe the temple of Chaos.