Sweet Home – Netflix Horror Review

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I have a new client who loves horror movies, so we just sit there watching Netflix and Hulu horror movies. It’s pretty awesome.

This one was made in Korea and it’s dubbed over in English. If that drives you crazy and you prefer subtitles, sorry, maybe skip over this one.

So, this follows a group of people living in a tall skyrise apartment building. There are a few different “main characters” that are followed throughout the series, and a few side characters that also get a little bit of background. There’s a man who’s lost his family in a car accident, a young woman who likes the “bad boys”, a young woman musician, a cold hearted and calculated leader of sorts, a gangster/assassin, and a shop owner who’s a fucking abusive asshole. They all get locked together in their apartment building when the world goes insane. People are turning into horrific monsters and it seems to be a contagious disease that starts it all. This is your typical survival horror where a group of people are picked off one by one and everyone is just trying to make it through to another day.

The monsters were a mix of CGI and physical special effects. Honestly, it wasn’t convincing nor scary, but the effects weren’t so atrocious that I wanted to stop watching. They are fairly original and having a mix of different kinds of monsters kept things interesting and entertaining.

The acting was…. hilarious at times. There’s a fair amount of over-acting, and many of the characters are very stereotypical for what you get in a horror flick. The badass, the cry baby, the annoying person, the asshole etc. Fuck me though, I just kept watching. There’s something about those tropes that’s just … entertaining. The things the characters said to each other were both intentionally and unintentionally funny. There are some solid jokes and situational humor in this, but there’s also things that I believe were lost in translation and made my giggle.

Overall, I do recommend this to people who want something “scary” that isn’t that scary. Something you can put on and just enjoy yourself for an evening. It’s a series, and each episode is about an hour long, and you can get it on Netflix 😀

My Rating: 6.5/10