Last Two Cuts and a Semifinalist

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The Pacts We Make for Love by S.K.Nova

The Pacts We Make for Love is a series of stories with a central theme. Each protagonist in the stories makes a pact with some sort of otherworldly entity, such as a genie or a haint or a witch. These entities usually appear when the person is at their lowest, like James, the protagonist of the first story, who is a homeless drug addict who becomes a rich businessman… but owes a favor to the haint that made it happen. Eventually, the stories seem to follow a central character, Alissa Sorrow.

These stories are well written, paced well, and were interesting to read. I didn’t really like Alissa as a character though, so I ended up stopping after the third story. Still, I would recommend this book to people who like a coming of age story that can get pretty dark at times. 

The Boy Who Drew Horses by M.L. Roberts

This is the story of Benjamin, who is a boy living in a foster home with a cruel caretaker. When the house explodes one day, and all kinds of weirdness goes down on top of the police trying to blame Benjamin for the explosion, he gets thrown into a world full of magic. 

This was an interesting story that I thought was pretty well written and well paced in the beginning. I ended up giving it up about 30% in as it got… pretty weird, and I started to lose interest in the goings on. However, I would recommend that someone into portal fantasies give this one a try, because it might just be right up their alley!

Scales and Sensibility by Stephanie Burgis

So, I do enjoy a good regency romance, and so this book was all the way up my alley. It follows Elinor Tregarth, who is living with her aunt, uncle, and spoiled cousin after the death of her parents. Elinor’s cousin, Penelope is a spoiled girl who is about to have her debut, and having a dragon of one’s own as a pet is the most fashionable thing, only Penelope doesn’t treat her dragon Sir Jessamyn very well. Or Elinor, for that matter. So, it’s entirely an accident when Elinor storms out of the house with Sir Jessamyn in tow. Shenanigans ensue after that.

I read this book in one sitting. I enjoyed it so much. Elinor is a fantastic character, who I cheered for from the very beginning. It may partially be that Penelope is written to just be the most irritating brat, but I wanted absolutely everything good for Elinor just for having to live with the girl. The romance was cute, the dragon-magic plotline was cute. All together I thought this was cute. So, I give Scales and Sensibility an 8.5/10 stars, and declare it my second semifinalist!