The Room: Budget Video Game Review

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It’s been a long time since I’ve bought any new video games. I keep thinking that I simply don’t have the time to invest and become really good at complex games…..becuase, I don’t lol. But, why not try out some inexpensive casual games? I was limiting myself to epic and expansive games because that’s what I’ve typically played in the past. I enjoy games like Plants Vs Zombies but I rarely pick them up. That’s the kind of game I’ve got time for now, so I bought a handful of games and I’m working my way through them.

This starts out with a pretty good tutorial about how to use all the controls and how you open things and interact with the puzzles. The controls were all very easy to learn, nothing gave me any hangups, nothing felt awkward or poorly designed. The mechnics were nice, it was intuitive how to zoom in, zoom out, move around the room, pick up objects etc.

The intro puzzle itself wasn’t overly challenging, but it wasn’t super obvious to me either, which I liked. With puzzle games if things start out too easy I don’t hold out much hope for the rest of the game.


The cover picture for the game (used as the title picture for this post) made me think that maybe this had horror elements to it, but it didn’t. Maybe a little bit ‘creepy steampunk’ but it’s not a dark game. There are items you can use as tools throughout the game to find hidden clues, like a magic lens that lets you see through metal and magical writing and runes.


This was Very Addicting. I started playing on a Thursday evening and couldn’t stop. “Just a little longer…. just a little longer”. The level of difficulty did go up just a bit as you progressed through the levels, but I never felt like rage quitting. New layers to the game and new types of puzzles were dripped in at a pace that kept things interesting without being overwhelming.


The levels are pretty long and require a bunch of steps, it gives a small dose of gratification each time leading to an extremely time consuming and addicting experience. For the price, this was worth it. Also could be really fun for older kids. middle school or high school.

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8.5/10 – well worth the money