Review and Interview Requests – How They Work UPDATED FOR 2022

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It’s been two years since I originally made this post so I’m just going to make some small edits to bring it up to speed for 2022.

Interview Requests: 

It may take me a long while for me to get to you so please be patient. The reasons being,  I take a lot of time to come up with individualized questions that are tailored to you, your life, and your book/work/art. I go through people’s FB profiles, blogs, instas, twitters etc to come up with things that are specific to that person rather than come up with 20 questions I ask everyone. That takes a while and I don’t always have a ton of time on my hands. 

Book Review Requests: 

Review requests can stress me out if too many accumulate, or if I get busy and don’t address them quickly enough. So. If you are interested in having me review your book you can fill out this form with the understanding that:

* I will be purchasing the book. I have KU and enough flex money to buy ebooks. In my head this keeps the burden off of me to review it quickly because I wasn’t “given” anything, and thus I won’t feel guilty if it takes 4, 5, or 6 months to get to the book. Or a year. I go through phases with reading and my hobbies and sometimes I’ll plow through 20 review requests in a matter of weeks, and sometimes I won’t touch the list for months. 

* Filling out the form is NOT a guarantee I will review it. It just lets me know who is interested.

* I likely will not post negative reviews. If I strongly dislike something it is easier for me just to let it go rather than try and come up with a review for something that wasn’t to my taste. If you specifically want critical feedback I can send an email with feedback if you really want. 

* I will only request a code or a “freebie” if you specifically want my feedback on an audio that does not have reduced price with a kindle edition. Full price audios are expensive and I can’t buy everyone’s audio like I can with ebooks. 

* If you contact me asking where the review is because you submitted months ago I will be annoyed and take you off the list permanently. 

Now that I sound like a thorough asshole, if you still want me to review your book I LOVE INDIES. Don’t hesitate because you’re not big 5 published, or if you have 0 reviews for your book. I love taking a look at someone’s brand new baby. I love shouting about books I love. I love telling people about authors they may never have heard about. I participate in SPFBO and SPSFC with enthusiasm! I listed all these rules because of the few bad apples. You know the type. Those who are the source for all these dumbass warnings and disclaimers that society has been forced into using, the rules that feel like they’re common sense — but someone had to do something worthy of making it an official rule. 

I have ADDED something to the form, I’ve discovered TTS – Text to Speech as a way to get through books without audios so much faster than before. If you wish to upload your mobi or epub to my form you can. There’s absolutely 100% no obligation to, but it will speed the process up a lot. 

If you have already requested a review and I said yes, please fill out this form. I was asked about reviews on twitter, fb, reddit, and my email acct… as much as I would like to claim I am organized… I am not.