Review Requests and How They Work

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I have hemmed and hawed about how to handle review requests. I didn’t have an official statement on my blog and I was getting a small number of them trickle in over the past couple months. I needed to address it and I have figured out a compromise.

Review requests can stress me out if too many accumulate, or if I get busy and don’t address them quickly enough. So. If you are interested in having me review your book you can fill out this form with the understanding that:

* I will be purchasing the book. I have KU and enough flex money to buy ebooks. This keeps the burden off me because I wasn’t “given” anything, and thus won’t feel guilty if it takes 4, 5, or 6 months to get to the book.

* Filling out the form is NOT a gaurantee I will review it. It just lets me know who is interested.

* I likely will not post negative reviews. If I strongly dislike something it is easier for me just to let it go rather than try and come up with a review for something that wasn’t to my taste.

* I will only request a code or a “freebie” if you specifically want my feedback on an audio that does not have reduced price with a kindle edition. Full price audios are expensive.

* If you contact me asking where the review is because you submitted months ago I will be annoyed and take you off the list.

If you have already requested a review and I said yes, please fill out this form. I was asked about reviews on twitter, fb, reddit, and my email acct… as much as I would like to claim I am organized… I am not.