Our Books and How They’re Sorted

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This isn’t our intro post, it’s just an announcement on who is getting what books this year. Our intro post that will delve into how we rate, what our preferences are etc will be going up on Friday 😀

We’re dividing the books up so that Graham can have time to write as well as read and review. Kristen and I will each get 13 to start out with, and Graham will get four. When Kristen or myself hit a book we think is a semifinalist we will send it Graham’s way for his perspective. We hope to have between 3-6 semifinalists, we don’t have a set number, it’ll depend on our batch.


  • The Sword of Wisimir by Allen Stroud
  • Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows by JM Bergen
  • Lords of Deception by Christopher C Fuchs
  • Eye of Obscurance by Jeffrey L Kohanek
  • Heir of the Curse by Deborah Grace White
  • Austin Wyrd by Steve Curry
  • Fire Within by Morten W Simonsen
  • The One who Could Not Fly by EG Stone
  • Of Fractured and Sundered Dreams by ED Lazure
  • Last Memoria by Rachel Emma Shaw
  • Stolen Luck by TJ Muir
  • Birth of the Dawnhawk by Z Apollo and MJ Northwood
  • The Souls’ Abyss by SC Gowland



  • Aftan Whispers by Phil William
  • Fade by EG Bateman
  • Burning Embers by Fiona Jeeves
  • Inkarna by Nerine Dorman
  • A King’s Bargain by JDL Rosell
  • Wielder’s Prize Elle Candy
  • The Phoenix Prince by Kristen Gupton
  •  Across the Broken Stars by Jed Herne
  • Og-Grim-Dog: The Three-Headed Ogre by Jamie Edmundson
  • Flight of the SkyCricket by Gordon Greenhill
  • The Servant’s Story by Peter Thomson
  • The Lure of Fools by Jason James King
  • Neon Red Shimon of the Stars by Gabriel



  • Storm’s Breath by JR Ford
  • Night of the Bloody Tines by Rogan Feltmate
  • Daughter of Havenglade by HC Harrington
  • The Wrack by John Bierce


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