Dracula – Netflix Series Review

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So, okay.

This is not an accurate representation of the novel written by Bram Stoker – if that’s why you’re interested in this show, just back away now. If you just want to watch a creepy vampire with the name Dracula do some shit, then this may be for you.

This wasn’t a particularly scary show, which is odd considering this is about vampires and not the friendly kind. Dracula starts off old at the start of the series and feeds off a man he lured there pretending to want English lessons. He drains the guy of his vitality and thus becomes youthful again with a goal to get to England and start feeding for real.


There’s a nun that knows way more than she should for a nun and is tracking down Dracula trying to understand him. She’s very to the point, not scared of much, and seems to have seen some shit. She’s rather non-plussed when it comes to Dracula’s threats and calls him on ‘bluffs’ and antagonizes him as well. This was probably not a wise decision on her part


The acting was okay, I was more interested in the nun than Dracula, and as for all the other side characters, none of them made a lasting impression. It was really just two actors/actresses that made up most of the talent for the show. The CGI left a LOT to be desired. There was a scene where an undead person was crawling out of a box and it was reminiscent of bad 90’s cinematography. It was just hilariously awful. The dialogue and writing were alright, nothing to praise too highly but not much to complain about either.

I’m not sure if I’ll continue on with this series or not, I don’t regret giving it a try but it doesn’t make me want to watch more, either. With it being such a short series it’ll take someone I trust telling me the second season is a lot better for me to take another chance on it.

My rating: 5/10

IMDB Rating 6.8/10