Cover Reveal! The Mage-Born Anthology by Kayleigh Nicol!!

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The Pitch:

This was my semi-finalist pick for SPFBO4! I was surprised by just how good a time I had with a romance book! I’m not typically a romance person but this ticked so many boxes for me that I couldn’t help myself. It was so much fun, there was tons of magic, lots of action, and the characters were simply adorable! I fell in love with Reshi and only wanted the best for him! This anthology sounds like so much fun and I’m absolutely picking it up when it comes out!

If you’ve read the series and want to find out more about the world, if you were curious about Reshi’s other siblings, here’s your chance to find out more about them!

Here’s my review of the first book, Sorcerous Rivalry!



The Blurb

Before they became known as the dangerous mage-born bastards, Reshi’s brothers and sisters were young mages growing into their powers in a kingdom that forbade the use of magic. This collection of short stories follows Eagan, Kila, Velyn and the rest of Reshi’s magical siblings as they develop their magic and learn to survive during the period known as the Great Mage Hunt. From the political intrigue of noble houses, to the secrets of the Order of the Great Canvas, from the great seaside ports to the mystical lands of the fae, each of the mage-born come up with their own unique solutions to living in a world that will kill them if their secret is discovered.

This collection holds six thrilling stories of magic and adventure featuring Reshi’s siblings, plus two more stories set within the vast kingdom of Zarapheth!


Release Info

The Mage-Born Anthology is scheduled to release March 7, 2019 and pre-orders will be available on Amazon soon

For the audiobook, it is still in the process of being recorded with no official release date, but tentatively it should release some time in March.  The narrator is Scott R Smith and he’s been a delight to work with so far.  So excited to finally be releasing an audiobook!





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