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I’m online for the majority of the day, so I figured maybe people would enjoy a handful of videos/pictures/gifs that I find on my daily ritual of exploring the web – most of this is going to be light hearted/aw stuff, funny shit, animal stuff or SFF related things.


This bird strutting is glory



This man using a leaf blower…. to blow water down a street in a hurricane. I’d probably stop and take a video this guy too – I really don’t understand the goal here.



Cows can be seriously cute


No, really.


Better older sibling than I was….



I did stuff like this as a kid, and I’m surprised that I escaped childhood with only one broken bone




I have to wonder what the parent was thinking, because I’m sure all of us watching saw this coming.



I spend a lot of time on r/childrenfallingover….My husband and I have been married for 5 years, together for 10 – and we gets asked all the time why we don’t have kids. Reasons, many of them, one of them being that I find this kind of shit too funny which arguably isn’t a great start for mother material. And just a FYI, I’m never going to post things where people actually get hurt, it’s still funny as long as they’re okay.


Baby boy hears for the first time, babies have the best expressions.


I would have taken advantage of this situation more than this lighting guy did.


I am a sucker for all things animal rescue

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