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I love animal companions, and recently I’ve read a ton of books with a cat companion. I was thinking about making a top ten cats of fantasy, but figured that’d be too specific, maybe in a little while if I can think of 10 really awesome cats I’ll do a top ten cats of fantasy and sci fi.

10. Drogon – Asoiaf

GRRM was just a hair away from not including dragons, his original intention for the series was something closer to historical fiction before it turned into a fantasy. The scenes with the dragons in Game of Thrones are fan favorites because who doesn’t want a dragon of their own?


9. Onyx – Awaken Online

This book is an indie book so it doesn’t have much in the way of art, and I couldn’t find Onyx, but the cover does have him featured on the front. He’s a big part of the books and a constant companion to the main character.



8. Mouse – Dresden Files

An extremely smart animal companion, Mouse is a huge mastiff like dog and helps Harry out quite a bit. Who wouldn’t want a magical healing dog?


7. Pantalaimon – Golden Compass

A childhood favorite, Golden Compass is one of the best YA books around and one of the few books from early childhood that I read as an adult and still love it as much as I did then. I’m super stoked for more Philip Pullman coming up soon.


6. Night Eyes – Farseer

A very strong bond that’s better described as a connection since Nighteyes can influence Fitz’s thoughts and senses. Robin Hobb has a beautiful writing style that really makes you care about what’s going on in the book and is known for gut punches.



5. Dax – Tuf Voyaging

I can’t believe I found fan art for this, this is an older GRRM book that’s sci fi instead of fantasy. Tuf Haviland is a bizarre character but you still can relate to him as he goes on his adventures on a bioengineering space ship. He has a special love for cats and they are always somewhere on his ship.


4. Hedwig – Harry Potter

Probably one of the most known on this list, I loved Hedwig to pieces as a kid, and until I got older and learned that owning a pet owl was unwise, it was on my list of “things to get when I’m a grown up”


3. Ghost – ASOIAF

George if you kill this wolf I’m gunna be so fucking upset. One of my favorite companion animals ever, Ghost is a key part of Jon Snows arc and I’m anxious to see where it’s going to go in the next book.


2. Gaspode – Discworld

Able to think and speak this is one of the most communicative animal companions on the list, appearing for a decent amount of page time in at least 5 novels, and making smaller appearances in a few more, he’s one of the more commonly reoccurring animal characters in the series.


1.Greebo – Discworld

These two make a pair, I debated not putting two Discworld winners here, but I can’t not include Greebo. Nanny Oggs nasty as fuck cat who smells terrible and in general is grouchy and lethal, Greebo is not to be messed with. Later on in the series he takes on human form for some mischief at the opera.


I am a sucker for animals, I have two cats, three dogs, and two snakes at home – animal companions in books has been a favorite since I was a little kid. I would love to read some books where snakes aren’t the bad guys but I can’t seem to find anything that fits that bill – so if you know of one let me know!




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