Esme got a VR Thingamabob

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Well, sort of.

My husband came home with a virtual reality thing, Vive or something. I don’t know much about VR other than most people seem to think it’s cool, and people have made an ass of themselves online showing videos of them falling over and shit.

I’m excited to see how it all works. My husband is in the middle of setting it up – if you guys have any experience with VR and want to let me know a cool game or program to try out I’m all ears. I never thought we’d have one of these, we never talked about it, it was just sort of an impulse buy for my husband. I’m a book nerd, he’s a tech nerd – and video games is where we share interest!



    1. i was thinking about posting a few game reviews today or tomorrow, i wanted to get through the majority for a few games to get a handle on things. ive bought more games than i should have…

  1. Ask and ye shall receive! Thanks for the reviews. I have one of those cheapo Amazon Gold Box goggles that you fasten your smartphone into, and it’s also got a little magnet button, so you can basically look around 360 degrees and press one button to interact. It works well with interactive movies, but I don’t think there’s many games to play with the system just yet. I’m looking forward to some pricing coming down in a couple of years and then I’m going to splurge, and splurge hard.

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