Voyage of the Turtle: In Pursuit of the Earth’s Last Dinosaur by Carl Safina

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I absolutely adored this book, I already had an interest in turtles, specifically sea turtles.

I thought I knew a fair deal about them before, but even as someone who’s done a lot of research and reading on this topic a good deal of this book was new info.

In classic Safina form this book was gorgeously written and read more like a novel than a non fiction book. I absolutely adored every single page.

I feel like all I do with reviews of books from Carl Safina is gush, but I really can’t find much of any faults with the book. There was very little repetition, the writing was engaging and beautiful, the info was well researched and much of it like many of his books it was first hand experience, and it’s perfectly suitable for someone with little knowledge in this area to pick up the book and enjoy themselves.

Do you like turtles? Read this book and love them more.

No interest in turtles? Read this book and figure out that you did and didn’t know it yet.

Other books I’ve loved and read by Carl Safina: What Animals Think and Feel, Eye  of the Albatross also reviewed here.




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