Dragon of a Different Color by Rachel Aaron – best of the series

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This book was SO AWESOME!

The books up until this point have been fun, but this one took it to next level insane.

So, so much shit went down and it was just go-go-go the entire way, there wasn’t much of any downtime for the book. I stayed up til 5am trying to finish but couldnt…. and woke up at 2pm the next day and finished before I did anything else with my time. I’m dying for the audiobook to come out so I can go through it again with the voices I’m used to, I had audiobooked up until this book but it’s not out yet and I hope it’s coming out soon.

Bobs plans are out of control.

The Chinese dragons are here.

We learn the secrets of what the source of magic is, why the meteor brought back magic (which I always thought was a weird way for magic to be introduced to society but it makes sense now)

Ghost is back and is a big part of the book.

Algonquin is going NUTS

Another Mortal Spirit is spawned.

It’s really tough talking about a fourth book in a series without giving away spoilers, ugh!

Julius is still a “nice dragon” but he’s not taking much shit anymore, and he’s finally standing up to people and not just sitting there meekly – THANK GOD. Julius is not my least favorite character anymore which is great since he’s sort of the main character. However, this book could easily be considered a two main POV because much of it is from Marci’s POV which was great.

This book had Bob in it, but he’s mostly dropped his ridiculousness and is much more serious and you start to see what he had been planning all along.

There’s a mega huge threat to the entire world that’s been brewing for 60 years and it’s all coming to a head.

If you liked the first three books I think this one will blow you away, the others were fun and goofy and light hearted but they were building up to this book slowly and it’s just awesome.

Book hangover like woooaahhh. C’mon audiobook!

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