Worlds of Tomorrow – a Futurama Video Game Review

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I have the same level of fanaticism for Futurama as I do for Discworld, so naturally the first thing I did when I heard there was a new video game made by the original crew of Futurama was jump for joy and get it immediately.

The premise is the world has been broken up by a perpendicular universe, and you have to piece it back together using ancient artifacts. There are lots of old school Futurama jokes, and even alien languages making it into the background (If you didn’t know, in the show there are 2 alien languages that can be translated by fans)

You start in New New York, and you have to build different stuff to get the different currencies used to buy things to level up  – like a typical app game.


That’s a screen shot of my game, I’ve built a few things in this picture, and I’m getting money and other stuff to level my players up.

As you unlock different districts of New New York, you get more players for your game. So far I have Amy, The Professor, Scruffy the Janitor, and Bender.

You fly to different planets to complete missions which unlock different ancient artifacts, these are all planets that were used in the show.


This is one of the Mars missions. Each one of those lit up dots represents a challenge. Each one of the challenges lasts 1 or 2 minutes, and you fight in old school bit style.


These are actually pretty fun, and I really appreciate the bit style animation.

This game could have been solid fun if not for a few critical points.

There are three currencies you need to level up and some of them are doled out in very minimal amounts. In order to fly to these different worlds, you need fuel. Each stop eats up a lot of fuel… and if you want to keep playing you have two options. Wait hours for your fuel to re-up, or use Pizza to buy more. You have to complete the whole overarcing mission to get pizza. Usually each mission has three parts, and once you’re done with all three of them you get …. 5 pizza. It takes 25 to refuel.

This really slows game play to keep going. What’s worse, is that even if you pay 9.99 for more Pizza, you don’t get that much. That’s one of my bigger gripes.

I would have gladly paid a flat rate for this game so I could go through and play at my own pace rather than this start-stop bullshit.

Overall, I rate this game a 6, and the sad thing is this game could have been a 9 if they had just gone the traditional route of pay once and play as much as you want, rather than making you pay repeatedly to really get into the game.

Now, if you’re a patient person, and you don’t mind playing 5 – 10 minutes then putting it down for the day to wait for things to re-up this game may work for you, that’s just not how I like playing, I find that rather jarring.

So sad. Much disappointment.

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