The Unchosen by Laura Huie SPFBO 9 Review

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All right, so we’ve got a portal fantasy here which I don’t see much of any more. Our main character, Fia, has been transported from her world into the human world, but she’s lost her memories. I must have had like four or five amnesia books this year, too. A definite theme to my batch for the year.

Anyway, Fia finds herself in the human realm, beaten all to hell and dying when a woman named Karen and her father stumble upon her body and bring her home to get better. Karen happens to be a nurse and assists in getting Fia back to health. Well, once Fia “wakes up” as it were, she’s highly confused, anxious, and wants to figure out who the hell she is. Totally reasonable, if I woke up and had no memories that would be very disconcerting and anxiety inducing. Fia spends a lot of time looking at missing person ads, police reports, and anything she might think would lead her back to her past.

Back on Fia’s home world we’ve got Winston, and he’s looking for Fia since she just up and disappeared without letting anyone know where she was going. It’s a fruitless pointless search to look all over his world since Fia was transported to a different world, but he doesn’t know that quite yet. On Winston’s world, magic is normal, its’ almost an Earth-like replica if we had magic. It’s the earth/wind/fire kind of elemental magic as well as portals and doorways to other worlds, the old school kind of magic.

This was a light and fun book that was easy to drop into and finish quickly. The writing was pretty good, the dialogue felt natural, the pacing was pretty fast but not break-neck this is rushed kind of feeling. Overall, people who enjoy portal fantasy, mysteries, and old school magic may enjoy this one! As of now, this book is safe.