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This is my first semifinalist announcement and before Kristen bowed out she read and reviewed this book so I’m going to drop a second review for it!

I really enjoyed this clean, fast paced, creepy Fae story and I think you will too if you like the sound of these reviews.

A hearty congratulations to Stuart Simms for being our first semifinalist! It’s free for folks who use KU or just $1.00 (at present). It’s definitely worth a dollar!


Feast is the story of Kenrig and her sidekick/apprentice Dondall. While on their journeys, they encounter a village of people who are trapped by the Unseelie fae in a sort of never-ending feast. hence the name. Kenrig makes a bargain with them in order to save the villagers’ lives and the shenanigans start from there.

I quite like the story of Feast, it was vaguely rooted in Celtic folklore which usually tickles my fancy. I liked the writing and I thought that it was paced really well. It only took me two days to read it and I never thought it was too long or too short. It was just as long as it needed to be.

Honestly more than anything else I can compare it to the Witcher, if it was rooted more in Celtic folklore than it was Eastern European folklore. Kenrig is more or less a mercenary who travels around killing monsters for random villages that she encounters. She has an apprentice who is much younger than her and inexperienced but with interesting powers. It gave me that same vibe.