Weatherwax/Blog update 2023

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I usually do these in January right at the turn of this year but this year I did not. My husband and I are buying a house out of state and it’s just taken up all of my free time dealing with that whole thing.

Which brings me to my Youtube thing. You can watch the video or read the blog, it’ll be the same information

I experimented with rambling about books on camera because I was talking to my friend about books and just a whole long rant came out of me in a way that just doesn’t usually happen when I sit down to write… and it got me to thinkin… why not just do video reviews? There’s just something about physically speaking about a book that just draws the words out of me, when compared to sitting down and trying to write a review just doesn’t have the same effect. A video review usually takes me under a half an hour to produce while a written review can take me hours, drain me, and sometimes I abandon them all together.

The feedback I’ve gotten from my video reviews is mixed, some people just don’t like video reviews, or my style, or just don’t have the availability to watch them — some people read my reviews at lunch break at work and can’t watch a Youtube video. I’ve also picked up brand new followers because some folks don’t read reviews they only booktube and so I’ve gained some new folks already in my first week.

So, I will do both. From here on out I’m basically going to be filming a review and then summarizing a transcription of it and post both at the same time so you can read and/or watch, whichever you prefer 😀

I hope to get onto my review request list here soon, I’m in the mood to read at the moment that I’m writing this and I’m on track right now to hit my goal of 150 books per year, with 18 under my belt in the first week of Feb.

Cheers, and I hope to a very productive 2023!!