Cinnamon Bun by Ravens dagger

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As I’ve stated in my last couple of reviews, I’ve been in a serious slump both for reading and writing reviews. Everything has been sliding out of my head, and even when it doesn’t, words don’t come. I’ve been seeking out action-heavy, easy to get into, fun books. So, this was part of a request tweet i sent out looking for something matching that description and I was told this was a “wholesome litrpg”, so off I went!

Okay, this MC was super, super saccharine at the start and I wasn’t sure about whether I was going to jive with it or not. I do like wholesome, but at the beginning I thought maybe this went a step too far for my personal taste. Our MC is named Broccoli Bunch. LOL, yeah. She’s a 16 year old with an intensely bubbly personality. She loves adventure, has a really positive and enthusiastic attitude about most things and expresses that by dancing around frequently. She’s also incredibly naïve, but she’s at least aware of it. Her inner commentary on her own shortcomings is what kept me going until the bigger plot points started to come in.

She really wants to be an adventurer and make friends, but she tries to make friends with things like ghosts. Ghosts that only want to kill her. She feels bad about killing them, but she has to out of self defense, and despite the odds she begins to level up.

Even the skill sets and classes she levels up are wholesome and funny. She has “cleaning” and “gardening” skills that she uses to cleanse souls as well as houses, lololol. So, when she discovers an abandoned town she goes around cleaning and leveling up. There are a fair number of prompts and stats in this book, some of them are funny, but your mileage may vary here.

There’s a lot of world-exploring kind of stuff along with lots of level grinding and dungeons. Keeping on brand and with the theme, the monsters in the dungeons are actually kind of cute despite being deadly. For the amount of fighting and killing in this book, it’s not particularly bloody. She just wants to befriend all these monsters and they keep attacking her and she just keeps leveling, lol. She gets a spirit cat she names Orange, which ya know, as a person who loves cats this is my jam.

I really liked how the magic worked and how the skills and classes did or didn’t work out for her. There was a bit too many stats for my personal taste. Exploring the world was fun although sometimes I felt it was a bit repetitive and that made it feel a little slower for me.

Overall, I’d recommend this to people who are looking for a very different kind of MC in a litrpg story. This is not for people who want a ton of action in the traditional sense, since most battles here are almost cute? For me, the MC walked the line of being too much for me, just on the edge but I did find myself liking her more as the story went on. Because of just how different this MC is, however, it makes the approach to the magic and the dungeons different as well, creating a fresh story in a well trodden genre.


  • Plot: 11/15
  • Character: 12.5/15
  • World Building: 12/15
  • Writing: 12/15
  • Pacing: 11/15
  • Originality: 12/15
  • Enjoyment: 7/10

Final score: 77.5/100