SPFBO 8 Cuts Post

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Hey there! Kristen is working her way through her pile. Unfortunately, these books won’t be moving forward but we hope if you think these reviews sound good to you, that you’ll please consider picking them up!

Bloody Spade by Brittany M. Williams

Bloody Spade is an interesting story that takes place in a world where magic made a reemergence several years before the start of the plot. The story follows Ellen Jane, who is a recent graduate of Cardplay, which is a sort of police school for magic users. It also follows a catboi thief named Iori Ryone. Iori holds the power of the Spade, which is a special kind of void magic that makes him dangerous. 

I’d recommend Bloody Spade to anyone into books that read like an anime. I mean, not only is there a catboi, but he got himself a full-on magical girl transformation at one point. It’s really quite interesting. Lots of various LGBTQ+ rep and a sort of x-men/anime feel would make this a winner for a lot of people.


The Eye of Everfell by Lewis Knight

The Eye of Everfell follows Nyori, who is a priestess, and Marcellus, a knight as they go on a journey to stop Alaric (the big bad). There are all kinds of dark creatures on their path, and many shenanigans are had along the way.

The prose was quite nice, but by 30% I still hadn’t really gotten attached to any of the characters, so I set this one aside to start some others. I would recommend this book to those who like an epic dark fantasy. It should be right up their alley. 


Spirit of the Dragon by Erynn Lehtonen

Spirit of the Dragon follows a few characters, but the main two are Genshu Masanori and his twin brother Hidekazu. They witness a woman being kidnapped by a sinister creature during a festival. The twins enroll in the infamous Tsukiko Academy in order to learn how to become great warriors and make pacts with dragons.

This was an interesting book that read pretty quickly. I found both of the main characters annoying, and so I didn’t continue very far with it, but I absolutely think this book will be interesting to many people. If you like Japanese inspired books, or books with a dragon theme, pick this one up!