SPFBO 8 Review: Draconis by David Oliver

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Okay guys, so Kristen is starting to move through her half of the pile, which means we’re going to start pushing out reviews again! It also means we are going to close in on more semifinalists, book two is underway 😀

Kristen’s Review:

I liked Draconis going in, it was full of things that were up my alley. Roguish characters doing roguish things, steampunky sounding airships, etc. For the first 25% or so I was quite enthralled. After that, unfortunately I lost a lot of interest, not only because the setting changed to something much less Steampunk and much more… Avatar-if-the-Na’vi-were-Elves, but because the pacing suddenly slammed on the brakes a little too hard for me. I finally gave it up at 80%. Don’t get me wrong, this book is definitely going to be up a few people’s alley, slowly paced or not. The story has a lot of great elements. My opinion is that it just needs a good bit of chopping in the middle to bring some cohesion to the story and some pep to the pace.


6/10 based on 80% read.