The Quarterfinalists and Semifinalists (so far) for SPSFC

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I keep getting asked if there’s a list of the Quarterfinalist and Semifinalists for each of the teams and I believe the answer is no. So, I decided to make one. I do believe that eventually the SPSFC website will have the list up. But, the people running this competition are insanely busy and haven’t updated it yet. I will update this when I can when more semifinalists are announced. There were a handful of titles that I couldn’t find on Goodreads, but I’ve linked the vast majority of titles to their Goodreads pages.

This is kind of an ugly list. I didn’t add covers (and a lot of them are stunning) because that just takes so much time and this post is just meant as a temporary page until the official SPSFC page has a better looking version of this, lol. — never mind I added covers.

Team Tar Vol On


Day 115 on an Alien World by Jeannette Bedard

Dusk Mountain Blues by Deston J. Munden

Bypass the Stars by Kate Sheeran Swed

Harvest by Olga Werby

Solid State Shuffle by Jeffrey A. Ballard

Bloodlines by Peter Hartog

Sequela by Cleland Smith

Gates of Mars by McFall and Hays

The Last Shadow by J.D. Robinson

Drained by Marc Daniel Acriche


Fantasy Faction

Quarter Finalists

His Name Was Wren by Rob Winters

Starlight Seized by China Dennington

Ad Luna by Huw Steer

Muses of Roma by Rob Steiner

The Infinit by John Akers

Chroma by Isla Molina

Starshine by G.S. Jennsen

Captain Wu by Patrice Fitzgerald and Jack Lyster

Monsters of the Dark by KT Belt

What Branches Grow by T.S. Beier


At Boundary’s Edge


Blood Animmus by Kyle Mckeon

Delphine Descends by Darrell William Moore

Defiant by Aaron Hodges

Khaos by Michael Reid Jr.

The Nothing Within by Andy Giesler

Terms of Service by Elliot Scott

The Dark that Dwells by Matt Digman and Ryan Roddy

Ghosts of Tomorrow by Michael R. Fletcher

Daros by Dave Dobson

Destroyer by Brian G. Turner

Mazarin Blues by Al Hess




In the Orbit of Sirens by T.A. Bruno

Behind Blue Eyes by Anna Mocikat

The Immortality Game by Ted Cross

The Narrows by Travis M. Riddle

Dead Star by Simon Kewin

L.I.F.E in the 23rd Century by Jason R. Richter

Souls of Astraeus by Jeramy Goble

The Chiral Agent by L.L. Richman

V.O.K. Variable Operations Knowledge by Jason Kucharik

Zero Day Threat by Ruth Olson

Semifinalists: TBA

Red Star Reviews


Refraction by Wick Welker

Zenith the Interscission Project by Arshad Ahsanuddin

Of Cinder and Bone by Kyoko M.

Extinction Reversed by J.S. Morin

Age of Order by Julian North

Above the Sky by J.W. Lynne

The Shepherd Protocol by Fowler Brown

Wherever Seeds May Fall by Peter Cawdron

The Trellis by Jools Cantor

Dog Country by Malcom F. Cross


Book Invasion


Nigh by Alan Miller

Life on Planet Earth by Andy Gorman

Broken Ascension by Dave Walsh

Synthesis: Weave by Rexx Deane

Vacuum of Space by Julia Huni

The Stars Within by Lena Alison Knight

Orthogonal Galaxy by Michael L. Lewis

Convergence by Michael Patrick Hicks

Folder by Raymond Bolton

Semifinalists: TBA

Big Bearded Nerd/Space Lasagna


A Star Named Vega by Ben Roberts

Constellation by Robert Scanlon

Blackcoats: Dead Man Walking by Michael Lachman

Eden M51 by Glenn Paskoff

Between Mountain and Sea by Mary Lou Locke

Primordial Threat by Michael A. Rothman

The Elcy Protocol by Bave Grozdanov

The Dinosaur Four by Geoff Jones

Earthweeds by Rod Little

Ducket and Dyer: Dicks for Hire by Ganesh Nair

Semifinalists: TBA

File 770


Godeena by Stjepan Varesevac Cobets

Retrieval by Regina Clarke

Gods of the Black Gate by Joseph Sale

A Touch of Death by Rebecca Crunden

Where Weavers Daire by Robert Bentley

Condition Evolution by Kevin Sinclair

Shakedowners by Justin Woolley

Mantivore Dreams by Sarah Higbee

The Hammond Conjecture by Martin Reed

Lost Solace by Karl Drinkwater


Fantasy Book Critic & Queen’s Book Asylum


The Paradise Factory by Jim Keen

Steal the Reaper by Todd Hosea

Fatal Extraction by Evangeline Rain

Roko’s Catalyst by Michael Blackbourn

The Gaia Effect by Claire Buss

Iron Truth by Sofie Tholin

Lost Girl by Luke Kendall

ARverkt by Craig Lea Gordon

Steel Guardian by Cameron Coral

The Reintegrators by Will Weisser


Meteor Reviews


All the Whys of Delilah’s Demise by Neve Maslakovic

Derelict by L.J. Cohen

Earth Warden by Tyler Aston

Genesis by CA Voss

Inish Carraig by Jo Zebedee

Lies the Gaurdians Tell by Herman Steveanagel

Nexus Point by K. Pimpinella

Omnilogos by Michele Amitrani

Shadows of Mars by I.O. Adler

Resistance by Mikaeyla Kopievsky


  • All the Whys of Delilah’s Demise by Neve Maslakovic
  • Resistance by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky
  • Shadows of Mars by I.O. Adler