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Okay, so anyone who looked at my batch, what’s been cut and what I’ve reviewed ppprrooobably knows the book that’s going to be announced. However, I’ll ramble about it for a bit anyway.

This will appeal to people who like grey characters, fast plotting and pacing, easy to digest prose, and a low-fantasy setting. The prose was great. The author is able to conjure a rich and engaging atmosphere using a minimal amount of words. This book is pretty short, it’s only about 200 pages and it reads very quickly. The amount of detail packed into such a short book without becoming burdensome or overwhelming is to be applauded. I’ve seen lots of good reviews for this book before it got to my batch and I was super happy that I wasn’t disappointed, and in fact it became a semifinalist.

Kristen has finished her pile and indeed has 3 semifinalists of her own. I am starting on those books now and she will start reading my entries soon. We will probably have a finalist in the next month or so — it’ll depend on what life throws at us and how much outside reading we have other than SPFBO. But, I believe this is the quickest we’ve finished our slush pile and so potentially the fastest we’ve announced a finalist as well. MOVING RIGHT ALONG!!

My final semifinalist is: