My Month of DNFs – March 2021

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If you look at my reviews on Goodreads and here on my blog it may look like I enjoy basically everything I read. This is not so, I just don’t write full length reviews and score things I don’t finish. But, I think I’m going to start writing mini reviews for those I start but don’t finish. I’m not going to attempt to rate something I don’t finish so there will be no score, but there will be the reasons I didn’t like it, and who I think the target audience might be. Cheers!

Dusty’s Diary by Bobby Adair

This was one of those books I got for free through Prime Plus – since it’s free I figured why not? I’ve been using modern urban horrors as palate cleansers between epic high fantasies. This is written in the first person and addresses the reader/audience directly. The premise as far as I could tell was a man in Texas was leaving behind a diary for people to potentially find in the future and have a documentary about his life. The world has ended and he thinks the only “people” who will find this will be far in the future. So… the reason I DNF’d is because he explains modern terms in ways he thinks future people will understand. I swear to god more than half the page time is taken up by him explaining some modern term of phrase so you’re hearing the story twice within itself. OMFG. DNF. However, if you want to listen to a cowboy diary about the end of the world, this could be for you!

Life and Limb by Jennifer Roberson

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I DNF’d this one about 20% into the audiobook because I just wasn’t feeling the premise and wasn’t connecting to the characters. This one is heavily Christian/biblical and runs off the idea that there are celestial beings that occasionally inhabit human hosts. If parents pray hard enough when their infant is dying… these celestial souls will save the baby and whatnot. This follows the story of a 28 year old man who discovers that he is in fact an angel, and that his grandfather is a high angel. There really are things like werewolves and vampires and now that he has been “awoken” he could be tracked by agents of the devil. This just isn’t my kind of book so I set it down, but there wasn’t anything glaringly wrong with it, so if you’re into biblical fantasy this could be for you!

Ravenous by Erica Stevens

As with the other two, this is another audiobook I got for free, this was an apocalypse of the alien variety. A group of ships parked themselves overtop of major cities around the globe, but everything seemed to be going well at first. They gave humans tech and medicine and seemed to be space-bros. But, shit went wrong and people start dying. Ok, that’s pretty neat, the premise is fine. The MC is absolutely SUPER THIRSTY for this random person she rarely talks to – it’s the definition of infatuation and unreasonably passionate crush that I despise. The world is falling apart around her, and the MC’s inner thoughts go like this: “His midnight eyes and unairing fathomless gaze”, “Strangely enchanted by his stare”, “lost to the magnificent force of his smoldering gaze”. OMFG DNF. However, if you want to read about teenage lusty thrusty during the end of the world, this is your book!