The Unsettling

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This is about a young girl named Becca who gets placed with a new foster family after a few failed attempts in other homes. Her new house has a bunch of other teenagers living it, but they don’t necessarily get along with each other, or the foster family’s only biological son. The son comes off as a huge asshat, lying about Becca calling him a freak, threatening him, and frames her for stealing stuff around the house. The house is a ranch set in the middle of no where, and there are hints the land itself is corrupt and evil.

The foster parents belong to this creepy religion called the New Purity which puts off serious ASOIAF Red God vibes, burn the shit for purity, everyone is just tinder, just really weird shit.

So, Becca starts seeing shit… dead women in mirrors, maggots everywhere, dead people coming out of tar pits on the ranch, etc. She doesn’t even try to hide the fact she’s seeing things, she tells people she thinks the ranch is haunted and basically no one believes her… but no one seems overly concerned for her welfare either? If someone was hallucinating around me I’d take them to the ER… ya know, that’s just me.

This basically turns into a survival horror flick when people start dying about halfway through the series. The episodes aren’t long and there aren’t many of them. I actually think if they had chosen better actors and made this into a mini series with three hour long well directed episodes the premise for this could have been neat. However, the acting was terrible, like laughably bad at points. The special effects were even worse, I wasn’t scared at all. This was one of those movies where I just laughed at it, it didn’t even manage to get me with any jump scares because they were all so predictable, and what happened was painfully unscary.

I really would not recommend this unless you’re so bored out of your mind you’ve watched all the other horror movies on Netflix.

My Rating: 2/10