Ghosts of War: Netflix Horror Review

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This is a gritty movie, it’s based around WW2 soldiers who encounter a haunted house as they try and take shelter from the Nazis. They discover a house whose family were victims of the Nazis… they were murdered in unbelievably brutal ways, both physically and psychologically. The ghosts stayed behind in the house and kill people who take up residence in their house.

The gore and violence that’s portrayed is realistic and not drawn out or exaggerated for shock value… but it’s still unsettling and brutal. People get blown up by grenades, people are shot, and creepy ass ghosts drown and hang people as well.

The acting was okay, I wouldn’t say there are any ground breaking performances, but what’s there is more than serviceable for the story being told.

Was I scared? Kind of. I would say I was more in suspense about what was going to happen next more than I was cringing or turning away from the screen because it was either too violent or too scary. I can be wimpy when things are done in a certain way, and it’s difficult to explain, but I can point it out when I see it. I generally wince and turn things off that are torturous, like Saw.

This was not that, but I also was not laughing about how not-scary it was like sometimes happens with the more ridiculous D rated popcorn horrors. There were a couple jump scares that got me, but I’m a sucker for those, a sudden loud sound will always make me jump a bit. The ghosts try to communicate with the soldiers through dreams, making them live out the horrors that were inflicted on them. On a scary scale I would rate this a 6/10

The ending to this was a “wtf” moment for sure, it took a turn I truthfully did not see coming. I think there will be a strong reaction for most people regarding the ending… I can see people finding it clever and unexpected while others may think it’s a giant cop out and hate it.

All in all, I guess if you’re a horror fan and looking for something to watch you could do a lot worse than this, but I wouldn’t say this is something I’ll be yelling about telling people to watch it.

My rating: 6/10