SPFBO6 Semi-finalist Announcement!

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We did not have a minimum number of semi-finalists we agreed to choose this year, but we did have a maximum of two semi-finalists per judge. I have already picked out one, Last Memoria several months ago, and now I’m choosing my second!

We have one book still under further consideration, once we get the verdict on that book we will have all our semifinalists announced and very soon there after we will have a finalist announced. Kristen is already 70% through Last Memoria and I have finished Legend of Tal 😀

My second and last semi finalist is:

The Souls’ Abyss: The Dark Crown by SC Gowland!

If you follow my reviews you know I’m a sucker for older, wiser, and slower burn characters. This ticked a lot of boxes for me, it had a lot of magic, it had magic swords, an animal companion named Dref, and neat world building. When someone’s soul dies their souls become visible and float into the sky which gives battleground a beautiful kind of horror. I found this one entertaining and I hope you do too if you pick it up.

I have already given this a full review and I’ve linked to it below!