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As many of you have noted over the years, I am a pretty big fan of K.S Villoso and was so super stoked when The Wolf of Oren-Yaro was picked up by Orbit.

It’s a character driven epic fantasy influenced by Filipino culture and would count for Own Voices 🙂

I reviewed this back when I was a baby blogger in 2017. My review   

It has also picked up a number of quotable blurbs from awesome people. Eg:


The sequel, Ikessar Falcon, just had its new shiny cover revealed!


Look at how stunning and badass that is. Seriously.

In celebration of this, the author herself (little known fact she is actually three wolves in a trenchcoat pretending to be a human author) is giving away not one, but two books!


I will be posting this on FB and Twitter! To enter, please comment with your favorite wolf meme!

Even if you dont win, it’s 100% worth the read and you can get it here: