Solar Opposites: TV Review

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I went into this with such high hopes, I thought it was going to be a reverse take of what Rick and Morty is, or something related and in the same universe but not necessarily the same. (I purposefully went into this without watching the trailer. Possibly a mistake)

But, what I got felt precisely like a knock off of Rick and Morty…. and not a particularly good one. I hate saying this, but I didn’t even chuckle the entire time and I watched three episodes before calling it a day.

The main character of the show has the same voice that Rick does, and he’s a scientist. He’s kind of a jerk. He likes to control the situation. He stutters and bumbles around at times. It’s… TOO the same, and there’s something missing. Dan Harmon is sort of known to be a jerk, so it makes me uncomfortable to say that he’s needed to make the show better. But, he’s needed to make the show better. It’s clear that he reigns in some of Justin’s wilder tendencies and this show ventures into the obscure and wtf. There are just moments where I was like “oooook, what the fuck was that?”

The voice acting didn’t even feel all that passionate, it felt slapped together. It’s almost as if the entire thing is just ad-libbed like they do sometimes on Rick and Morty. That can be funny in small doses, but it leads to this feeling of being disjointed. It’s more cohesive than a 100% adlib, but it doesn’t feel as cohesive as Rick and Morty.

I dunno, guys. I’m disappointed.


I seem to be alone in this though, IMDB has it at an 8.1/10