A Book a Day Keeps the Plague Away – SPFBO Mega- Giveaway! 50+ Titles 200+ ebooks!

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Seriously guys, I hope everyone and their loved ones are safe, healthy, and self- isolating if you can. I’m hoping to ease the potential boredom by putting together this giveaway.

What is SPFBO? It’s an annual contest held by Mark Lawrence for self-published authors and readers. 300 titles are entered into a contest, divided amongst 10 blogs, and then those blogs pick one book to move forward to the final stage. Each blog then reads the finalists, rates them, and the highest rating wins the contest. It’s a great way to find indie authors you haven’t heard of or tried yet  – and here’s your chance to do it for free!

You can enter for a chance to win from now through 3/29 12pm EST.

Most of these are going to be ebooks, but there are some physical editions available. If they have a physical edition being given away, at the bottom it will say “X physical copies”


I’m going to divide the books into general categories based on the subgenre. They may not all fit perfectly where I’m putting them, but please bear with me. I’ll also include a very brief summary of the book (and a link to a review from judges where I can) and the cover 😀 If you click the title next to the cover it will bring you to the Goodreads page.

It’s going to be a long post, folks. Some of the blurbs will be longer than others, because some of these I’ve read, and others I’m hodgepodging something together from the GR blurb, reviews, and tags.



25469356. sy475  The Gods of Men  by Barbara Kloss: It’s a bit difficult for me to be non-biased about this one. It was Weatherwax’s finalist pick for SPFBO4. Epic high fantasy, musical magic, great prose, engaging characters, and a bit of romance that even I got behind. Superstardrifter’s Review

 24547634 Blade’s Edge by Virginia McClain: A finalist in SPFBO5 picked by Qwillery: dual POV set in a feudal Japan-esque culture, darker stories, magic school, younger female povs, spirits/Kamis and dragons.

Heroes of the Siege (The Story of Evil #1) Heroes of the Siege by Tony Johnson from the GR blurb: “Steve, Ty, and Kari each decide to stand up and fight back against the insurmountable army of evil, despite knowing their slim chances of survival. Through their bravery and courage, they become the inspiration and hope of a fallen city. They become Heroes of the Siege.”

3 Physical Copies

43976358. sy475  Tavern by Deston J. Munden: Orc MC, magic systems, mysteries, big hearted mcs, elves, dwarves, heroic fantasy, and spies ! “I’m gonna start off by saying I really enjoyed this book. This is a difficult review to write because of the fact that many of the reasons I loved it I can’t tell about due to spoilers, so I’ll try to do it justice without actually talking about some of my favorite bits.” — Swordofmytriumph Review

45479502. sy475  Grayden The Secret of Illryn by LK Evans: epic, grimdark, and violent. A compelling story of persuasion and deceit governed by magic, gods, and the arduous journey of finding the truth” Justine’s review

45274933. sy475  Fortune’s Fool by Angela Boord: slow-burn epic fantasy with magic slowly teased and then revealed. A character-driven story of revenge, loss, and survival in secrecy. A SPFBO5 Finalist picked by Nicole over at: Thoughts Stained with Ink

49077746. sy475  Vultures by Luke Tarzian: multi pov, dark, gritty, with a lot of world building. “This isn’t a book that you can just skim through and get the gist of. It takes your full time and attention with every page and chapter to appreciate that final payoff. Tarzian asks you to put in a little work for your enjoyment. Frankly, these are the types of books that are the most rewarding to me as a reader.” Nick T Borrelli’s review

28459475. sy475  The Ventifact Colossus  by Dorian Hart: multi pov, going on a quest, non human povs, lots of magic, relatable characters. “Lately I have developed a bit of a soft spot for fantasy novels that have strong roots in role-playing games, so early on I knew that The Ventifact Colossus was going to be my kind of good time” Wol’s Review

41829826. sy475  Beneath Cruel Fathoms by Anela Deen “If you are looking for an emotionally thrilling read with romance, mythical sea creatures and a vivid dark fantasy setting, then Beneath Cruel Fathoms is your book.” –Timy‘s Review from Rockstarlit BookAsylum

45070188. sy475   Books & Bone by Victoria Corva: There is something utterly charming in this book that just won me over. If you are looking for something unique containing magic, death people, queer characters and twists that you never saw coming, then you are in for a treat with Books and Bone. I, for one, can’t wait to learn how the story goes and what else Ree can accomplish. Oh, and did I mention the kick-ass libraries?” – Timy’s review from Rockstarlit BookAsylum

38581194. sy475  Rift in the Deep by Janelle Garrett: “A darkness lurks beneath the surface, brooding, waiting. The Deep writhes in currents of power, holding the Rift at bay. But the Stewards, accessors of the Deep, have not walked the Lands in three hundred years. Their legend lives on, but it is just that. Legend. No one living remembers. And the witches wait for their return, when all four Stewards can unite to bring about the downfall of the Rift.” – GR blurb

40651113. sy475  Klone’s Stronghold by Joyce Reynolds-Ward “After Reeni Dutta’s ex-husband Karl attacks her at a music festival, she finds a refuge teaching cryptid construct children at Klone’s Stronghold in northeastern Oregon’s isolated Bucket Mountains. But things are not as they seem at the Stronghold, from the older proprietors of a nearby store and the Stronghold’s leader Alexander Reed Klone, to Reeni herself. She discovers it’s not just Karl who seeks to control who and what she is, but forces from her past that threaten her present. Can she learn the truth about herself and do what is needed in time to defend the Stronghold?” – GR blurb 

40104953. sy475  The Hidden Ones by Russell Cullison: mysterious and spooky atmosphere, magic being forbidden/restricted, multi pov, epic tomes. My goodreads review “Sera is a Sympath, but the stories say people like her are to be despised and feared, exiled or executed. They whisper things that you can only feel until you’ll kill for them. You’ll even die for them.” – GR blurb

43076222. sy475  The Way of Thieves  by KN Lee and Craig A Price Jr. From the New York Times bestselling author of Half-Blood Dragon, K.N. Lee, and USA Today bestselling author, Craig A. Price Jr. comes an epic magical heist fans are calling Oceans Eleven meets Game of Thrones. Magic. Danger. A gang of thieves unlike any you’ve ever seen.” – GR blurb

42410997. sy475  Belief’s Horizon:  by IW Ferguson: slice of life, coming of age, sweet at times, Tom and Huck style friendship/adventure, sci-fantasy, magic, tech, good-hearted characters. Jennifer’s full review 

2 Physical Copies

36185993. sy475  When the Kingdom Falls by Meagan Hurst: in-depth world building, nonhuman povs, large time scales, time travel, lots of magic, long lived species. My full review from last year on GR: Esme’s Review

44078583. sy475  Beggar’s Rebellion by Levi Jacobs: “Fans of epic fantasy and complex magic systems will find a lot to love in  Beggar’s Rebellion, as will those who enjoy relatable and likeable characters. It’s that mix of the epic plot and the smaller-scale character points that makes the novel stand out. I’m looking forward to moving on to the sequel in the near future”  by Fantasy Book Critic 

46225831. sx318  Children of the Dead City  by Noor Al-Shanti: “King Sharr of the Kingdom of Shining Waters was not a particularly brave man. When he heard that the Mad Sorcerer was creeping up the mountainside he fled the fortress city, practically handing it over to the Mad Sorcerer, and made his abode in Dalaiabeth: the King’s City. His palace lay behind high walls on one side of the great lake and Dalaiabeth lay almost defenseless on the other. Even behind the high walls of his palace, the King worried. Most of all, he was afraid for his young daughter, the Lady Shila” – GR Blurb

42419185. sy475  The Pact  by Adam Craig: “Betrayal tore Liatrix from her life as a succubus, leaving her scarred and trapped in a realm where discovery of what she is means death. Until a chance encounter with an elf named Alvar offers her an opportunity to gain an ally and take revenge. After forcing him to choose between a life of service to her in exchange for the life of his sister he forms a pact that will alter both their lives forever.” — GR blurb



A Ritual of Bone (The Dead Sagas, #1) A Ritual of Bone by Lee C Conley: a darker story full of undead, for people who like horror and zombies and cannabilism. Described as intense and scary by Nick T Borrelli in This review 

39866516. sy475  Banebringer  by Carol A Park: Vaughn never asked for the powers of a long-forgotten moon goddess. But rarely do the gods give humans a choice when using them in their machinations. Now Vaughn is a Banebringer, loathed by all who discover his true identity—even his father, a man obsessed with his own power and bent on destroying Vaughn’s miserable life — gr blurb Jennifer’s full review 

49196004. sy475  Since Never by Christopher Percy   The King has died and our city mourns. From the ashes of his old administration confusion rises and our enemies from the south send the Turned to take advantage of our weakness. I have something they want. I am charged with its security but even I am at a loss as to why it is so important and relentlessly they pursue me. — GR Blurb

42424664. sy475  Seraphina’s Lament by Sarah Chorn: This is a poetic book with a heavy emphasis on prose and grim world-building. This will not be for people who don’t like darker stories because fuck this is bleak. It was also a semifinalist in this year’s SPFBO and has a rave review from Kitty G



38108681. sy475  The Kishi  by Antoine Bandele: African tale involving demons, lots of magic, and a POV with a traumatic background.  Demons are stealing/killing young girls and it’s up to the MC to help stop them. SPFBO5 semifinalist chosen by The Fantasy Hive  

44596249. sy475  The Ashen Levels  by CF Welburn: “When Balagir awakens at the fire with no recollection of his past, he discovers he is an ashen—a mysterious group of black-eyed vagabonds, addicted to the smoke they must pay the ghostly piper in exchange for power. With the help of a unique chisp (a sentient spark) and a band of nefarious companions, Balagir will have to traverse the northern wilds, cross seas and survive foreign wars if he is to discover the truth behind the Ashen Levels.” — gr blurb

39310298. sy475  Shattered Dreams by Ulff Lehmann: “Inspired by the vigorous style of George R.R. Martin’s A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, and in the vein of historical fictioneer Bernard Cornwell, SHATTERED DREAMS brings to life a stark, uncompromising tale of a man’s path to redemption” — GR blurb  My full review here 

28269879. sy475  Broken Crossroads by Patrick LeClerc: “Trilisean is an acrobat turned burglar. Conn is a jaded former mercenary. Against the background of deadly blades, subtle schemes, glittering treasures, dark sorceries and fell servants of forgotten gods, fate has thrown them together. Fate has a sense of humor. Broken Crossroads is a fast paced, witty, swashbuckling modern pulp fantasy adventure in the tradition of Fritz Leiber and Robert E Howard” — GR blurb

Corruption of Honor, Pt. I: The Burning (The Fall of Kingdoms I) Corruption of Honor by AM Rycroft: “Shaun has battled adversity since she was born. Her path to becoming a knight was no different. Now near the end of her training, a siege on the kingdom perpetrated by a band of sorcerers puts her on a more treacherous path than any she’s walked before” — GR blurb  “A gritty coming of age tale, where dark magic and even darker alliances threaten the tenuous balance of power within the Ten Kingdoms.” Grimmedian’s full review  

2 Physical Copies

41817969. sy475  Chasing Graves  by Ben Galley: A city where souls can be stolen and sold as ghost-slaves. Sarcastic and witty MC, so much so I almost put this into comedy – but the author selected “grimdark” as one of the tags for this. Is grindark a thing? “I have to admit, I thought I would like this one as from what I have read of Ben Galley’s work so far I usually find something fun, this book is no exception. I did indeed find it a very easy read, unique, and it stood out from the rest for the polish and quality. I really recommend that you try some of Ben’s work if you haven’t yet, because he does some really cool things :)” — Kitty’s Review 



45571503. sx318  Guild of Tokens  by Jon Auerbach: “Guild of Tokens is a lively and entertaining adventure, steeped in enough mystery to keep you guessing until the very end. Urban fantasy isn’t a subgenre I necessarily gravitate towards, but this book hooked me from the start. I learned after finishing the final page that this is a collection of three novellas, and while the content flows nicely, it does account for the slight shift in pacing. If you’re looking for something fast-paced and remarkably unique, I highly recommend giving this one a try.” Justine’s Full Review 

2 Physical Copies

44103394 The City Screams by Phil Williams: “The story has plenty of action mixed with horror elements and the final twist is brilliant and hilarious. Just wait and see what was the goal of agents of elsewhere 🙂 We can debate if it doesn’t change the tone of the book, but I loved it.” Lukasz/Barb4ry1’s review

28543871. sy475 Ayana The Journey  by Geetha Krishnan:  For someone who already knows the complete saga, this story was a fun iteration. For those who have no idea or background about the epic, this book will be a great segue into the epic story and perhaps can find other books that dwell deeper. Overall I enjoyed this story as it really simplifies the entire epic to a few characters while presenting it as something more. The author’s writing style has to be commended for making this Indian epic so accessible to a non-desi audience.” — Mihir from Fantasy Book Critic

42348385. sy475  The Narrows  by Travis Riddle: “So all told I liked this one a lot. An Urban-Fantasy-Horror which felt like a modern-set Stranger Things with more Waffle House, BBQ, and Kolaches. I’m on board with those things, and so I had a good time with this one.” Review from Superstardrifter



39995090. sy475  The Snow White Files  by Sonya M Black “Brendan Hunter is a private investigator stuck on dead-end cases until seven dwarves show up in his office and offer him a King’s ransom to track down a missing girl. Their description of Lily Whitaker sparks his imagination, leading him into the dark world of twisted fairy tales, magical machinations, and political gambits..”- GR blurb

36393931. sx318  The Riding Hood Files  by Sonya M Black: “With her grandmother missing, Stasia finds herself the temporary leader of the shifters she left behind after her brother was exiled from the clans. The case will test the limits of her skills while she learns to navigate the politics and magic that threatens to tear her world apart” – GR blurb

Happily Never After Happily Never After by Sonya M Black: “Without a mask for the ball, Ella’s evil stepmother recognized her as she waltzed the night away with Prince Charmaine. Ella’s happily ever after swiftly became a happily never after when her stepmother threw her out of the house after smashing her glass slippers. Relying on old and new friends, Ella must learn to become a Lady while avoiding her fairy godmother’s attempts to correct the bad wish as she works to find her happily ever after.” – GR blurb 



51824318. sx318 sy475  River of Thieves by Clayton Snyder: for people who love Gentleman Bastards, an eclectic group of thieves go on adventures. “River of Thieves is one of the most entertaining reads I’ve read this year, and I cannot express enough how much I’ve fallen in love with these amazing characters. To me, this is a bit of a deranged retelling of Robin Hood – punish the rich…and also everyone else – done in such an exceptional way, using ridiculous(ly funny) pop culture references, pitch black humor, and unwavering emotion. I had so much fun reading this and am really looking forward to spending more time with the gang in the future. This book has a little bit of something for everyone, so you should definitely pick it up and give it a try. I highly recommend” — Justine’s Review 

49242745. sx318 sy475  Kicking Axe and Taking Gnomes  by Steve Thomas: “Monsters killed his parents, and Klondaeg is out for revenge. Wielding a talking battle-axe with a split personality, Klondaeg travels the world, teaming up with outlandish adventurers in search of new monsters to slay. He’ll battle lycanthropic garden gnomes, gold-devouring demons, aliens from a long-dead universe, the mighty maxotaur, an apocalyptically misguided wizard, and much, much more on his tireless quest to track down and bury every monster he can find. Klondaeg may be the world’s greatest monster hunter, but the world needs more than a monster hunter. It needs a hero.” – GR blurb

48515568. sy475  Spit and Song by Travis Riddle: “The Dark Crystal meets Final Fantasy IX. Spit and Song is a whimsical, comical tale that is intensely personal in scope. Sure to appeal to fans of character-driven fantasy, Travis Riddle’s latest hits for me. There is a sense of wonder to the world and story akin to classics like The Neverending Story. Riddle tells stories that mean something, that challenge expectations, and that take place in richly crafted worlds. Spit and Song is no exception.” Review from Calvin at Fantasy Book Review



31311130. sy475  Pilgrimage to Skara  by Jonathan Pembroke: SPFBO3 Finalist: “It has been nearly two decades since Pell Wendt abandoned the power and prestige of Collum. Ruled by the semi-divine Ajudicar, the city had been his home all his life, but no longer. Spurned by the woman he loved, the former pathfinder, adventurer and criminal walked away from his life of escorting promising youngsters to the shrines of power, and retreated to his farm in the Sogras, to live a life of bitter and brooding rejection.” — GR blurb

31256498. sy475  The Silver Mask  by Christian Ellingsen: The gods are dead, have been for many, many years, and despite the broken land and terrifying monsters, mankind has thrived without them. But not everyone is happy and when a well loved woman named Vittoria ends up dead, Captain Fox must solve her murder before the town erupts into a politically charged catastrophe that can’t be stopped. It has a Sherlock Holmes, Clive Clussler feel to it that makes it a fun read from start to finish. The awesome world building and creepy, mutated monsters were just as entertaining as the plot. – Jessica’s full review

The God King's Legacy (God King Chronicles #1) The God King’s Legacy  by Richard Nell: In all my years reading speculative fiction, I haven’t dipped my toes in the flintlock fantasy genre until picking up Richard Nell’s Rebellion of the Black Militia novella. I first became aware of Richard Nell having recently finished the remarkable Kings of Paradise so I was eager to explore more of his work … Demons, gunpowder, and drunk, pissed-off soldiers doing some drunk, pissed-off things. The cockles of my heart have never been warmer. Full review from Swiff at Fantasy Book Review


OTHER: Low fantasy, historical, military, western, fantasy of manners, superhero, romance, slice of life

42983504. sx318  A Sea of Broken Glass  by Sonya M Black: {Steampunk, gunpowder fantasy} SPFBO5 finalist “After enduring weeks of torture and being convicted of witchery, Ris escapes, only to discover the Darkness and the Lady are hunting her. They need the magic that sings within her. Creator of all, the imprisoned Lady needs Ris, her last vessel, to find the Heart of Creation. The Darkness seeks to corrupt the vessel and retain his hold on the Lady, and with it, the world.” — GR blurb Rockstarlit Book Asylum’s review

36441341. sy475  The Pendant Path  by Jane Barlow and Steve Boivie: {portal fantasy} “Kenji Okado has a secret. Trained since birth to be the ultimate weapon against a threat that might not even exist, he is struggling to navigate high school. His world changes for the better when popular student Hyrum Decker becomes his lab partner, but little does Kenji realize how his newfound friendship will be tested when he and Hyrum discover the hidden potential of a family heirloom.” — GR blurb

2 Physical Copies

25719977. sy475  The Half Killed by Quenby Olsen {historical fantasy, fantasy of manners}   “It’s almost as if Elizabeth Gaskell wrote fantasy at times, with a rather Dickensian host of colorful side characters and a deeply unromantic depiction of Victorian London. In the Half Killed we are shown that London’s underbelly is and always was a grimy, seedy place. I found myself gasping out loud with genuine horror when a favorite character was attacked, and the sinister tone kept me up far later than intended when I started reading. It’s an absolute page-turner with some nice twists and a satisfying conclusion. After I finished it I immediately purchased 3 copies to give to friends as Christmas gifts, and I can’t give it a higher endorsement than that. I love this book, and I want to share it with the people I love. It is well worth your time” Wol’s Review

49365045. sy475  The Innkeeper  by JE Porter {historical fantasy} being able to summon anything he wants, from thin air, is not something he wants to share. Neither is the fact that he has no recollection of his past, or that, as time goes on, his life never ends. (He doesn’t mind if the whores want to tell everyone about his prowess in the bedchamber, mind, and neither does he mind sharing it with all who come asking). – GR blurb

41886271 The Sword of Kaigen  by ML Wang – {Military Fantasy} SPFBO5 Finalist –  Born into Kusanagi’s legendary Matsuda family, fourteen-year-old Mamoru has always known his purpose: to master his family’s fighting techniques and defend his homeland. But when an outsider arrives and pulls back the curtain on Kaigen’s alleged age of peace, Mamoru realizes that he might not have much time to become the fighter he was bred to be. Worse, the empire he was bred to defend may stand on a foundation of lies. Kitty’s Review 

44416870. sy475   From Legend by Ian Lewis: {western} Sober, serious, and driven, Logan Hale is the highest peace officer in Beldenridge, and he knows his city better than anyone: the labyrinthine streets, the vaulted architecture, and all the dark corners where tales of mutations and a vicious enemy still linger like hushed secrets. Logan is quick to dismiss these accounts as part of a storied past with which he’d rather not contend, but when a suicide investigation leads him to believe there’s something more sinister at hand, he questions whether that near-forgotten lore isn’t the stuff of legend after all. — GR blurb

1 Physical Copy

36157335. sy475   Torn Apart by JM Riddles: {romance, high fantasy} As a priestess in the service of the dragon goddess, Halea must roam the land hunting demons and sealing tears caused by the Chaos Dimension that seeks to converge with their world. She has sworn an oath to devote herself only to her goddess, and if necessary, will even die for her mission. — GR blurb and Kitty’s full review  

42415597. sy475  The Prince of Cats  by Daniel E Olesen: {historical, high fantasy}  “With this book, Olesen has achieved a great balance of lighthearted tone and well-placed tensions; enhanced with escalating intrigues and charming characters, I imagine that readers who loves reading non-Eurocentric fantasy with a great thief as the main character will find The Prince of Cats worth their time.” — Petrik’s Full Review

46190397. sy475  The Blackbird and the Ghost  by Huw Steer: {low fantasy} The Boiling Seas are the mariners bane and the adventurers delight. The waters may be hot enough to warp wood and boil a hapless swimmer, but their scalding expanse is full of wonders. Strange islands lurk in the steamy mists, and stranger ruins hold ancient secrets, remnants of forgotten empires waiting for the bold or lying in wait for the unwary. — GR blurb

40527043. sy475  Fid’s Crusade  by David H Reiss {superhero} Rage, grief and guilt have fueled Doctor Fid’s endless quest to punish the unworthy and he has left a long trail of blood and misery in his wake. For more than two decades, the sight of the villain’s powered armor has struck fear into the hearts of hero and civilians alike! But when a personal tragedy motivates Doctor Fid to investigate a crime, he uncovers a plot so heinous that even he is taken aback. – GR blurb

38322372. sy475  Balam Spring by Travis Riddle: {Slice of Life} “In the calm, sleepy town of Balam, it is springtime. This spring is rather more eventful than others, because the town’s white mage suddenly dies, seemingly by suffocation, right in front of Theo Saen, a teacher at the high school. A new white mage named Aava is brought in, as every town needs one, and she determines that there was poison involved. Meanwhile, the retired mercenary Ryckert has taken it upon himself to investigate what’s happening, because some shady people have shown up in town recently. Shenanigans are going down, and the three of them will have to come together to find out what exactly is happening” 5 Star Review from Superstardrifter


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