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My love for book 1

Ok, so I’ve read the first in this series and I absolutely adored it. It was just my kind of thing, it was funny but also had depth, characters I grew to love, and fast-paced action that kept my attention throughout.

It’s an urban fantasy set in a world where magic isn’t known to most of the population. The MC (who’s a con artist) is thrown into the underground world of magic and mayhem and I loved every page.

The audiobook was fantastic and it made its way into my top 10 for the year. I can’t stress how much I loved this book and I hope you all take a chance to check it out. It was put up for a Senlin Net in SPFBO coming in a very close second place to FBR’s finalist.


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The blurb for book 2

Some heroes are born, some are made, and some are willing to fake it for the right pay.

Gabe abandoned life as a conman after the disasters in Lincoln, and he managed to carve out a bit of peace with the scraps he had left. Unfortunately, bad guys suck at respecting personal boundaries. So together with Heather and a group of weird new companions, he finds himself shackled to a horrifying cosmic game with sky-high stakes, inscrutable goals, and rules that seem to change every five minutes. And when old gods and monsters resurface to make things so much worse, he’s finally forced to admit that he might not be talking his way past any of it.

Fate itself rises to force-feed Gabe a cliché quest, leaving him only to find the artifact, get paid the fortune, and try to make it out alive.

…And, if there’s enough time, maybe save the whole stupid world.

Fate Lashed is the sequel to Hero Forged and the second book in the Ethereal Earth series—an ongoing tale about the nightmares we create, those they create for us, and a few people who refuse to take any of it too seriously.






Fate Lashed is due to come out Feb 7th 2019 and you can PRE-ORDER IT HERE!!!!

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