Cover Reveal: An Elegy of Heroes by KS Villoso

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The Pitch:

K.S. Villoso was the first resident author on r/fantasy whose books I read and reviewed! I saw her post in the self-promotion area as an author who writes character-driven epic fantasy in a nonwestern setting, born and raised in the Philipines she said she drew from that background for parts of her world building – and I decided I couldn’t pass that up. I read Jaeth’s Eye and loved it, the world building was fantastic, creepy as shit monsters, and characters that felt real to me. It was such a different kind of epic fantasy that I fell in love and started yelling about the series. Since then, Kay has become one of my favorite authors, and one that I’ve read almost to entirety. She pushes out books every year so it’s actually kind of difficult to keep up with everything she’s written. She’s a very reliable and hard working author – if you’re looking for someone who releases something new frequently, and finishes up series quickly, look to Kay!

This is a complete trilogy being sold as one omnibus called An Elegy of Heroes: The Argates Epilogues Trilogy. I see requests for finished series all the time on r/fantasy – so here’s your chance guys!

Here’s my review for the last book in the series, Sapphires Flight (which is also my personal favorite)


The Cover:




Tapestries burn, heroes fall, and there are no happy endings. In the cold wake of grief, those left behind must learn to pick up the pieces.”

That dragon right there is named Giggles. GIGGLES. Amazing.

The Info:

This will become available in early 2019, probably in January or February. Keep updated by watching Kay’s blog!!!!!






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