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All I knew about this movie was that it was Kevin Smith’s and that it was a horror movie – I liked Clerks and Clerks2 so I figured why not try it out?

This was an incredibly strange movie, all if it was just so weird lol. It starts out with this guy who runs a podcast with his best friend. He’s hit it big and he has a TON of followers, he’s making a legit million dollar a year living off of just doing his podcast. He’s had a long-term girlfriend but he’s starting to treat her like shit. She doesn’t like some of the content he puts out because he tends to ridicule the people who went viral involuntarily – ya know the awkward kids who get taped doing something embarassing and it gets shared relentlessly. She wants him to stop doing that kind of thing and he basically tells her he has no intention of changing his content because it sells. She misses the “old” him, the one who was sweet and shy and a big nerd, but he considers his past self to be a loser. He’s also cheating on her constantly, justifying it by saying they aren’t married so it doesn’t matter.

He goes out to meet a guy who just became viral for doing something incredibly stupid, but when he arrives for the interview it turns out the kid committed suicide. He’s doesn’t feel the slightest bit guilty, in fact he’s pissed because now he flew out there for “nothing” and doesn’t have a story anymore.

He’s in the bathroom and sees a flier, it’s a flier made by an old man who claims he’s lonely and just wants someone to talk to about his life and all these amazing stories he has to tell. Of course, he sees this as an opportunity to go get a story.

The guy is a psychopath, and locks him up in his house. From there on out it’s kind of spoilery to talk about it, but that’s the gist. Asshole dude gets captured by a total wack job and has to try and find a way out.

It’s really that second half that gets out of hand and where I started to question why I was still watching the movie lol. This is definitely a horror movie, but not in the traditional sense, there’s no jump out scenes, no chase scenes, nothing to wildly graphic – it’s all just psychological fuckery.

The ending was kind of “what the fuck”, that’s basically how I’d describe the whole latter half of the movie, just one “what the fuck” after another.

  • Plot: 13/25
  • Characters: 11/25
  • Acting: 17/25
  • Graphics/Effects: 13/25

Final Score: 54/100

IMDB Score: 5.3/10

Rotten Tomatos: 4.2/10

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