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Ok, so this is my first time in SPFBO and I’m hitting some logistics stuff that I hadn’t planned out, so, there are going to be slight modifications to the game plan I laid out in our intro post.

The Old Plan:

  • I choose 2 semis from my 11 books
  • The other 3 judges choose 1 semi from their 7 books
  • We exchange semi-finalists and read them front to back, leave a rating and a review
  • Highest score wins

The New And Much Better But Somewhat More Complicated Plan:

  • We have round 1 cuts and announce our “hopefuls” (these aren’t semifinalists). No set number per judge, could be 0 or up to 4 hopeful nominations.  This will happen October 12th when our last review comes in!
  • We exchange those books and each blogger is now looking for things from the hopeful pool that could “beat their favorite”. It’s a way to give all the books a chance to get seen from a different perspective, and maybe it grabs one judge more than another.
  • Bloggers can DNF these books at any time, we aren’t going to be reading every one of these cover to cover and leaving reviews. We are looking for books that could beat out our current favorite.
  • When everyone has sampled/read everything, we will each pick our semi-finalists. Each of the 4 judges will read these cover to cover and leave mini reviews.
  • Our highest score will likely be our finalist, there are a few specific situations where it might not be, and if that happens we’ll explain it in the finalist announcement.


The Showdown Part:

Below there’s a chart that I will be keeping updated throughout our semifinalist/finalist selection process. We will have the same thing set up when we start reading and reviewing the finalists in phase II.

In each box there’s going to be a rating that links to the review, I was trying to keep it uncluttered.

ITS REALLY IMPORTANT TO NOTE that since we’re looking for something to beat our favorite there are going to be many DNF’s – this is NOT a reflection on how we liked the book, there are going to be good books in the hopeful pool that I’m going to DNF early. So, instead of DNF we’re going to be using DBF = Didn’t Beat Favorite.



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