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Ugh, haha this one hit on so many of my pet peeves – I deserve a medal for making it through this one. If I hadn’t been so lazy that I didn’t feel like getting out of bed I would have quit this movie about 20 minutes in.

This starts out pre-infection and there is an explanation given for the outbreak and actually, it was kind of a thorough one, so that was a bonus in an otherwise lackluster and stereotypical film.

It took about 40 minutes for the zombies to actually show up, it takes a while for an infection to incubate long enough to create these very aggressive and superhumanly strong zombies (they can fling people across rooms)

America has been put on lockdown and the CDC/military are patrolling the streets, taking away anyone who’s infected and shooting any vehicles that aren’t their own.


So, the pet peeves boxes this managed to tick:

  • Teenagers” at high school where the actors are clearly in their upper 20’s, it gets under my skin so badly. (looked it up and some of them are even in their early 30’s) just age them up to college or find some teenage actors, christ.
  • The “teenagers” all had the same kind of snark that didn’t quite deliver. It was kind of painful at points.
  • The geeky nerdy sister who loves bio and wears glasses, never wears make up vs the pretty airhead sister who loves to party. so tired of seeing this.
  • stupid characters. MC’s sister isn’t taking anything seriously. If the CDC showed up at my house with a box of supplies I’d be in full on panic mode.
  • horribly cliche dialogue that you could almost predict word for word
  • the classic “there’s a horrible noise coming from over here, let’s go investigate”
  • really horrible CGI, bad enough that it made me laugh. There were parasites coming out of a dudes ears.
  • giant plot holes/stupidity. One of the girls is “tricking the CDC” into thinking that her house is unoccupied by marking their house in the way the CDC does when they remove occupants – that way they don’t have to subject themselves to the CDC’s house calls to check for infected. But in the next scene, she’s sitting on top of her fucking roof trying to get cell reception. What in the shit?

random note: Obama actually makes a brief appearance in this, I don’t know if they snagged it from a speech he made regarding some other public health issues, but that surprised me.

I found out after I watched it and looked it up on IMDB that this movie had HARVEY FUCKING WEINSTEIN involved in it – I was so horribly grossed out and wish I had looked it up before starting the movie. Fuck that guy, and fuck this movie.

My rating: 2/10 Don’t watch


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