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Hey guys, a new indie author group just popped up and it’s an all comedy guild! There isn’t a ton of fantasy comedy out there, so if you’re in the mood for something lighter why not consider one of these?

This website will also host a bunch of comic fantasy reviews that are by authors outside of the guild, so if you’re looking for recommendations, look there!

” If there’s one thing comedy authors are good at, it’s taking a joke too far. That’s how four Comic SFF Authors ended up creating The Independent Guild of Fools. And now it’s a whole thing and we don’t know how to stop it, so here I am writing a guest blog post.

The two major struggles of the independent comic SFF author are 1. the usual fight for visibility, and 2. a reader might see a book listed as a comedy and worry that the author’s sense of humor won’t mesh well with their own, or that it reads more like a joke book than a novel. TIGoF wants to help readers with both of those problems. By gathering multiple comic authors on one website, finding one of us means finding more of us. The website includes exclusive samples of our work to help you understand if our styles of humor work for you. We even have a quiz to match you with one of our books!

The founding members of The Guild of Independent Fools are Aaron C. Cross, Liam Perrin, William Tyler Davis, and Steve Thomas. Of course, we also employ our intern Marty to handle the day to day operations, like running the website, staffing our Twitter account, dealing with the Council of Elders, and brewing our coffee. We can’t be expected to brew our own coffee. We don’t even drink it!

You can find us at or follow Marty on Twitter here:”
In Conclusion:

  1. We exist
  2. We have names
  3. Comedy is good
  4. We have a website and Twitter account
  5. You can take our quiz and be paired with a comedy book


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