The Last Dragon Standing by Rachel Aaron

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I have a little obsession with this series, and since it’s book 5, talking about it gets really spoilery, so this will be a super brief review.

Bob and his plans are all revealed in this book, and we learn that they’ve been in the works for hundreds of years. He doesn’t just plan a decade ahead, or 100 years ahead, back in the medieval era he was able to see buildings that touched the clouds – he didn’t always understand what he was seeing, but he made the best of it.

We learn who Bob’s pidgeon really is, and the backstory surrounding her. Honestly, I thought all of that was both creepy and sweet, Bob is a very lonely person and his connection with his bird was kind of cute.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already read the first 4, so, fiinnaalllyyy Marci and Julius are an official thing. God that only took 5 books! I don’t usually get into romances, but I really do like these two together, it gives me the warm happies.

Bethesda sort of takes a step back in this one, we don’t see anywhere near as much of her, or Justin as we did in the first few books.

Meanwhile, we get more of Svena, and man does she have some great one-liners in this book. She climbed the ranks of my favorite characters with this one, becoming funnier and more relatable as you get to know her better.

I liked this book a lot, but so much of it was just plans. The group sits around a table and thinks about things for a long time, some of it getting very repetitive. I was kind of disappointed with how much talking, and how little we see of the actual action. The last book was crazy with buildings flying all over the place, but in this one, we get more talking and less doing.

I still very much so liked the book, and I want MORE of this – Rachel Aaron has stated she’s working on something in the same universe set a little further in the future and I can not wait for that. The audiobook, as always, was stellar.

I want Bob to be happy, I hope Bob is less lonely in the future series if he appears.

Final Score: 81/100


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