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Just making this to pin it to my front page. I’ve been asked if I have a request page, so I guess people are missing the link at the top.

I’m happy to take review requests! I have made myself a review schedule for this year and I’ll try and fit as many requests in as possible. I’ve never actually turned down a review request lol, and I’ve only DNF’d one request. So, I consider myself fairly open to whichever books you want to send. But, for best results – check out my preferences 🙂

If you’re on KU, feel free to just link me to the Amazon page! I’m happy to give you the stats to Amazon to help with those pesky algorithms.

Please, do not do that if you’re not on KU. Also, please don’t send links to NetGalley, I use that for other things outside of review requests.

I’ve had about a half a dozen review requests without the book being sent and weren’t on KU, I won’t be accepting those anymore, it’s getting too expensive.

My Current Reading Schedule

Just some info about my preferences:

Genres/Types of Books I Love:

  • Epic Fantasy – give me your world building, your cultures, your lore, your house battles, and your multi pov!
  • Comedy – I am an escapist reader more than anything else, and if a book makes me smile it makes it into my favorites. Pratchett is my all time favorite author, with Douglas Adams coming in second.
  • Sci-Fi – hard sci fi, hand wavy sci fi, first contact – give me all the sci fi.
  • LitRPG – I read a ton of LitRPG and I’m always looking for another one that’s truly great. I’ve loved Dungeon Born, Sufficiently Advanced Magic, Valhalla Online, and Ascend Online
  • Military Fantasy – flintlock, grunt povs, commander povs, I’ll take them all.
  • Non-human POVs – dragon pov, elf pov, orc pov – yes, please! The weirder and more unique the culture and pov, the more I tend to like it. The Heart of Stone by Ben Galley had a Golem POV AND was Military fantasy, I was in heaven.
  • Hard Magic Systems – I read Sanderson mostly for his unique magic systems and world building. I’ll read and totally enjoy mysterious magic books, but having something feel like a science just gives it something extra for me.
  • Lots of Magic – I prefer my fantasy to be full of fantasy stuff, ASOIAF is sort of an exception for me. Yeah, there are zombies and dragons in ASOIAF, but most of the page time is dealt with much more realistic stuff. I want wizards, and magic battles, and spirits, and monsters! Kings of the Wyld tickled me to no end.

Genres/Types of Books That Can be Hit or Miss

  • Urban Fantasy – sometimes I absolutely love these, sometimes I just think “well, that was okay”. Nice Dragons Finish Last is a great example of an urban fantasy that worked for me. There was a dragon pov, it had a slight sci-fi feel to it since it was set in the future, and it was a comedy as well.
  • Grimdark – I’ll read the shit out of some grimdark and love it – Richard Nell’s Kings of Paradise is a good example of that, the villain pov had a lot of growth, he was fascinating and I couldn’t get enough. What I don’t like is shock value, and a lot of authors use rape as a grimdark thing – but, I used to work as a trauma counsellor and I have hundreds of real-life stories in the back of my head when I read a rape scene. If I feel it’s treated flippantly, or it feels totally unrealistic it’ll take away from the book.
  • Steampunk – I love Senlin Ascends to pieces, as it stands now it’s my highest rated book since I’ve introduced my grading system. However, it’s one of the few that I’ve really thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Going on a Quest – I’ve seen so many stories where someone’s going on a quest to go do something important. I can still like these stories, I recently read Whom the Gods love by MM Perry and I really enjoyed it. What saved it from being boring were the characters, I loved all of them for different reasons, and the world building was really well done too. If the characters hadn’t been so strong it may have flopped for me.
  • Western – it’s basically a 50/50 shot if I’m going to like a western, and I don’t know why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Things that Rarely Work

  • Victorian Fantasy – I don’t know why, I really can’t nail it down – but there have only been a few that I liked, The Half Killed, Torn, and Facefakers Game. Facefakers game was only Victorian-esque, while The Half Killed was straight up an alternate London. Torn was rebellion in France kind of alternate history.
  • Romance – there’s never been a SFF book with a romance as Plot A that I enjoyed. I like it when it’s just one aspect of the book, it can add depth and enjoyment, there are many romances between characters that I adore. But, when it’s the main chunk of the story that takes up the most page time, I DNF basically every time. I need something else going in the plot to hold my attention.
  • New Weird – Most of the time I walk away from these books with an “I don’t get it” vibe. The plot lines, characters, and world-building are usually very bizarre and foreign and I just can’t seem to get into them.

Feel free to shoot me an email with your request and I’ll see where I can fit it in!

I typically have about 8 – 10 review requests at a time, so that’s about a 2 month turn around given everything else I’m reading.

Audiobooks will bump you up that list dramatically, purely because I listen more often than I read physically.

Physical copies will also bump you up the list and give you priority. If you take the time to send me something, I’ll make sure to get to it quickly.


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