My Golden Stabby Has Arrived!

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Whew, last year was quite a year, and it ended on a high note – I won three stabby awards!

I can officially call this blog an award-winning blog 😛

I actually just got done with another hospital visit, and I’m a little loopy on drugs – so we’ll see how this post goes!!!

Stabby #1 – Best Fantasy Site 

Holy balls you guys, thank you. I always look for ways to improve my blog and make it more entertaining for people. So, things to look for this year is more personal thoughts in my reviews! I’ve felt they come across as sort of book reports – very informative but also pretty dry. I’ll be trying to make them more entertaining as the year progresses while also trying to stay “professional”. I’ll also try and get back to my top tens, and some highlights of lesser-known books, and I’m going to be big into gaming this year. I’ve let that hobby go by the wayside the last couple years and I miss it – I’ll be trying out a lot of the top games coming out this year, as well as some indies. I feel humbled my little blog that has been around for less than a year won such a high honor – I definitely was not expecting that.  Thank you guys, really.

Stabby #2 – Best Post

This one was a little hard for me to win, and I do not in any way mean to sound ungrateful – I just felt a little silly for winning from that post since it wasn’t exactly fantasy related. The outpouring from that post made me weep big, ugly, soppy tears. I’ve never seen a community come together like that for anyone, and it was surreal the topic of discussion was me. I almost stepped down from it, but u/queenofshadesmar convinced me to take it, and in the end, I’m glad I did. It was a rather amazing comment section and it’s something I’ll never forget, for real. I read through again before my current surgery, as a little pick me up before going under the knife – and I’m not ashamed to admit it got me teary eyed again.

Stabby #3 – Best Community Member 

Fuck, yes. This one felt the best. I put a ton of effort into my posts, and it’s so gratifying to have it appreciated. Of course, that’s not why I do it – I just fucking love raving about books I adore and seeing indie authors get more ratings and comments and attention. I’ve fallen in love with indie books and promoting them is so much fun. With so many super fucking awesome people nominated in that category and to win felt fantastic. I’m so happy with the community and the membership of r/fantasy, as a whole, it’s the best community I’ve ever been a part of. Huge honor to win a stabby here too – and I can’t wait to see who sweeps the awards next year.

I’ve taken myself out of the Stabby’s from here on out, and I’ll be rooting for the nominees next year. It’s pretty surreal to have something in common with Brandon Sanderson and Mark Lawrence – we all have GOLDEN stabbies. It’s a bit more like a shortsword though lol, and it’s glorious. Tatyana took the picture for me since I’m not at home – and that’s my cat, Pokey, for scale. We didn’t have bananas. When I get home I’ll have to find a place to mount it on the wall. I’ve re-written this post several times because I haven’t been happy with how things are worded, I wanted to express so much more than I feel like I have. But, I’m struggling to find the right words – you guys are the best, I love this community and I look forward to getting back to reading and reviewing!

R/fantasy is the best community ever, and I’ve loved every minute of being involved with you guys. Hats off to the mods for doing this every year, and to all the winners!

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