If You Ask Me: And Of Course You Won’t by Betty White

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I love reading through comedians autobiographies, they are usually so light and fun they are great breaks between really dark books – and I’ve hit a few of those recently.

Betty White is such a kind person, and so funny, I loved listening to her audiobook. It’s a really short book, the audio was only 2.5 hours long and since I listen at 1.5X it went through in a little over an hour.

It didn’t go into much about her childhood or anything really before she was on Golden Girls, most of it has to do with her recent commitments and her recent work.

I love getting to know peoples quirks and weird habits – and this book didn’t leave me wanting.

She’s an animal fanatic, she’s donated a ton of money to conservation and animal welfare and she refuses to be a part of any movie with even the slightest bit of animal abuse. Not even As Good As It Gets – she turned down a role in that movie because a dog is put down a garbage chute. The dog is fine, it’s supposed to be a funny scene, but she didn’t find it funny.

She also talks to her dolls. She has a huge collection of dolls and describes them as her friends with their own personalities. Honestly, that was bizarre to read about, but to each their own – whatever makes you happy, girl!

I loved her story about how she got involved in Hot in Cleveland, she was only supposed to be in the pilot because her schedule was just so insane she couldn’t make it work for more episodes. But, she loved working with the cast and the director (I think) kept begging her to stay on for just a few more episodes – and she ended up doing 124 episodes! Hard working woman!

If you like Betty White, and you want a quick light audiobook or book to read through to cleanse the palate and clear the mind, I do recommend this book. It’s a book that will leave you with warm fuzzies.

Final Score: 8.5/10

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